Readers? Where?

Hi again.

You probably stopped by to look us up and realized nobody was home. Then thought to yourself “Those lazy Africans can’t even keep their blog updated.” Alas, ’tis true. We haven’t posted anything for a few days and hopefully this shouldn’t happen too often. We were out fighting crime and wine and dining your pretty cousins. Then our editor tapped our shoulders and cleared his throat, tilting his head towards the DR offices. And now here we are; back with a vengeance.

You know what I thought when I logged in this morning?

“These lazy Africans can’t even comment when they read!” Oh yeah, we see you. We have chubby statisticians and actuarial scientists in the basement clocking your every move. We feed them a steady supply of Doritos, computer chips and Fanta and in return, they tell us when you walk in, what you read and when you walk out. We also know where you live, what time you wake up and are compiling a list of your pet peeves.

I’m not trying to blackmail you into commenting.

Just saying I can smell you.

*sniff sniff *


12 thoughts on “Readers? Where?

    • We’re currently suffering financial hardships and some budget cutbacks, so the most we can afford to give you is….a smile.


  1. I want to be part of the actuarial science community that is fed Doritos and Fanta all day just to look at what your readers are doing.

    Sorry that is tsumbled on the blog quite late and i have to go through all the past posts.

    Another comment *smiles*

    • Haha! Well, due to budget cuts, we had to resolve to giving them peanuts and water. If you’re still interested, send a CV to our fictitious offices and we’ll clear some space in the basement for you.

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Support is thoroughly appreciated.

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