5 Truths About Obama

There are a few fundamental truths that Kenyans and the World at large just cannot seem to come to grasps with regarding O.B. I feel it critical that we come to terms with these before being able to properly appreciate the man, the phenomenon, the president.

Obama is NOT Kenyan

Remember when Obama won the elections and the World trembled slightly as billions rejoiced. I doubt there was any celebration greater than that which took place on Kenyan soil.

Why though?

Because his sperm donor of a father, who never really raised him, was Kenyan? I fail to see how that justifies the éclat and pride witnessed among our people. Yeah, his family has the right to celebrate, but outside them, the rest of you are really just hitchhikers.

It’s obvious that more important than his dismal Kenyan heritage was his illustrious fame and standing. Kenyans wouldn’t care if he was just a lawyer in New York or a teacher in Hawaii. They wouldn’t try to bail him out of poverty if he was a male stripper in Conneticut, and wouldn’t send prayers his way if he was a drug addict in Florida. But he’s a Senator cum President. Methinks that be more of interest than his Kenyan blood, no?

Besides, last I checked, he wasn’t exactly very fond of this country. Didn’t he completely avoid it during his last visit to Africa?

Obama is NOT Black

White man, White woman, White baby.
White man, Black woman, Black baby.
Black man, White woman, Black baby.
Black man, Black woman, Black baby.

I remember hearing that quote on “Fear of a Black Planet” when I was growing up and thinking “That’s not right.” The logic stems primarily from the ‘One-Drop Rule’ and the racist notion that the ‘White’ race was a pure one, and any other race, especially the ‘Black’ one was impure. Meaning, regardless of what race you were, Hispanic, Amerindian, Asian, Martian; if you bred with a white person, your child would take your race. However, your child would be Black if you got intimate with an African. Because once you go Black, you never go Back.

Weird, right?

What’s weirder is that it’s 2010 and the lot of you still inadvertently use Willie Lynch doctrines to determine Obama’s race. The man was born mixed, raised Hawaiian by a White mother and grandmother and a largely Caucasian family. But he’s Black because of his father, his skin color and because he plays basketball and listens to Jay-Z.

No, he’s not Black. He’s not White. And that’s really what’s great about him. He’s a unifying element. The actually reality of America; that so many people are mixed, race should be an issue. But the more we try to put him in a box, the more we dilute that adhesive positivity he could bring to race relations.

Obama is NOT Like You

Just to pick up on the above, Obama is one of a kind. His racial and cultural background, his diverse upbring, his education, his struggles; few can honestly say they relate to his experience. At the same time, so many say they understand him. The privileged college kids see themselves in him just the same as the lower-middle class social workers. The Black kid in a white school feels his pain in the same way a nerdy White kid getting bullied does. But when you think about it, if we are the sum of our experiences, how different is his life from yours?

Well, is your family worth a couple of million US$? Do you have a Doctorate in Law from Havard? Can you even afford to go to Havard? Have you ever been hated by both Black and White people? Are you American with family in both Indonesia and Kenya?

With that in mind, ponder if you will, how different his motivations and perspectives would be from the average person’s. How differing his opinions and intuitions are from yours. Is this really the man you want to trust to bring the change YOU want? His priorities are entirely different and his position amplifies that to distortion. Ergo, that man sitting on the chair speaks and understands a completely different language than yours. Whereas you’re thinking “World Peace” and “Lower Gas Prices”, he’s contemplating his approval rating and his next speech.

He’s just another politician, but unlike the others, he’s unpredictable. And that’s not always good. It’s better than the norm. But he’s still just a suit in a room full of suits.

Obama is NOT Neo from The Matrix

You would think this man was the Messiah reincarnate, how people look to him to save the world. I’m going to repeat what I said before.

He’s just another politician.

It’s hard to swallow, but think about it. What real change can a man bring to an American government without being a revolutionary? And a hated one, at that. He’s sitting there, playing it real smooth, shmoozing and politicking, sneaking in a few good policies and a lot of bad ones and we KNEW this was going to happen from the moment he based his campaign on things that could not be tangibly measured. “Hope” and “Change”.

But now look at him. Yeah, he’s done a great PR job for the country and by God he can speak his ass off, but…what of the change? More troops deployed, more government spending, a butchered health reform….I’m feeling slightly swindled, are you?

Obama is NOT Your Friend

Especially if you’re Kenyan. A friend of mine had a sticker on his car that said “Obama is my homie.”

No he ain’t.

He’s just a man with a job to do and a very…weak foothold. He tries to please everybody, you included, but when push comes to shove, watch how quickly he’ll sell you out for peace of mind. And I bet you were at home clapping.

Look, he doesn’t hate you, but he’s not all too fond of you. You know that cousin of yours that you only relate to because he’s your family, but if that weren’t the case, you’d spend all day insulting him and cracking jokes about him…Not because you hate dude either, just because he’s that far removed from where you are now?

That’s us.

And to a lesser degree, that’s the rest of the World. Until America re-establishes itself as the greatest country in the world(not happening) they will be kissing a whole lot of international ass. Do not mistake desperation for friendliness.

Just focus one what you need to do. As a person, as a people, as a country, as a continent.

“If they’re going to help you, they’ll only do it if you’re helping yourself.”

12 thoughts on “5 Truths About Obama

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  2. @Mwandi by “his running mate” I assume you’re talking about Hillary? If so, I agree with you entirely.
    @iCon Obama is basically a cold-blooded politician like the rest of them, he’s only interested in himself, his family and his ambitions.

  3. to be honest i think this is absurd!! I think Obama is a coincidence of time!! he happend to fit into what everyone was looking for at that particular time; ok he chose a platform you cannot base his performance tangibly fine. But people wanted change and he seemed like the better change! you can’t blame a brother for being proud to be associated with him! Look at the family photos he has had with his family and tell me thats not kenyan. Ok! maybe we wouldn’t look at him twice if he was a child molester in New york. But we are proud of him because of what he has been through and what he has done, First Black to head Harvard Law Review! HUH!! First Black Democratic Nominee!! and he is a first “Generation American” yeah!! His dad is Kenyan we ought to be proud! He actually gives us hope!!

    • I’m not saying you shouldn’t be proud…no, wait I am.

      But I’m also saying you should be consistent. I’ve looked at this family pictures and I have some like that too; this exchange student from the States came to live with us when we were younger and…well, you get the picture(pun intended).
      HE’S AMERICAN! I know it’s hard to digest, but it’s true. He does have some Kenyan blood in him. But what is it to be a Kenyan? Is it to be born, bred and representative of the country or to have genealogical ties to someone who was Kenyan? We should be proud of him for the person he is and how he got to where he got to. Not start claiming him as Kenyan or assuming he’s anything more than he is. Which is an American politician.

      As for Hope, I’m a bit of cynic. I like these things called “results”. When he came and said to me I’m going to do X, Y, Z in the first year, I wrote it down and said “Very well, sir. See you in a year.”

      What do you know?

      If I was one for hope, I’d feel pretty depressed right now. Yeah, as a symbol, he’s been awesome. He gave the country a PR face lift that would make Nip/Tuck publicists cream. That Nobel Peace Prize = bonkers. Blackberry President = fuck yeah. He likes Hip-Hop and plays ball; I can mess with this dude. But as a President…well, let’s put it this way. One man cannot an America change. He can inspire a change, like Pac did. Like King did. Like Malcolm and ’em. Or like Clinton pre-BJ. But not just for Blacks, for EVERYONE. Because hey, he’s half-white. Don’t argue that fact, he’s HALF white. He’s not Black, he’s mixed. Yes, I know the temptation is strong. This is the logic we have grown up with. He even calls himself Black…he’s not. $20,000 says he wouldn’t have gotten to where he got to if he was….unless he had a white wife.

      But as long as he makes people happy for the right reasons, I’m cool with dude.

      • I tend to think you expected to much from him!! Fine the dude cant change america becasue for any sane reason its impossible to change things that have been there long before!! Anyhu my point is he represents those who feel like they would never make it those whose chances feel constantly slim( majority). In his book he says how at one point a journalist told him he will have a rough time because his name rhymes with OSAMA wtf!! He is a constant reminder of a fihgt against all odds!! His own party leader..i dont even want to go there! He fought against money bags! and people with wealth of influence! Take Hillary,John mc cain, and he has been in congress for a meesly 7 years or so and he has rose to ranks higher than one would think! That is why I say he gives hope. Not because we expect some monetary value or some improved living standards!!! But because he puts some reason to life for those who see life dim. We fail to see his race far more than we see his achievment! ANd for some good reason a good Pr will do that country real Good after the infamous era of the Bush errors.

      • I only expected what he said he’d do. As for the rest of your comment, no argument there. Still doesn’t make him Kenyan though..nor does it make him a good president. It does qualify him for the “That’s one helluva guy” award though.


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