Esther Arunga Timberlake: The Beginning of The End

While most Kenyans are sitting at home watching the drama unfold screaming “cult”, “stupid girl” amongst other blurts, I’m trembling in fear of what this means for the future of our country.

For those of you who are not up to speed, here’s a quick summary. This news anchor, lawyer, TV personality lady was supposed to marry this guy. They both went to this church, run by this pastor, saxophonist, presidential candidate dude. So this dude also had this friend who liked that news lady. Supposedly, that had nothing to do with the pastor cancelling the lady’s wedding to this guy and instead hooking her up with this friend. Anyhow, at some point, they all got arrested, except for that guy, but he was already out of the picture.

As of yesterday, the lady and the friend are supposedly married. We fail to see how as the friend is still in jail and the lady and her pastor, saxophonist are not.

Oh, and one last thing. This lady is suing her parents for 300million.

The lady is Esther Arunga Timberlake, the guy is Wilson Malaba, the preacher, saxophonist, quasi-pimp is Joseph Hellon, and his friend is Quincy Zuma Wambiti Timberlake. They are all members of The Finger of God Ministries. But these details are irrelevant.

In fact, although although furiously entertaining, it’s all extremely irrelevant. The only thing worth noting about the matter is how great an impact this will have on Kenya.

While we sit and speculate, Esther Arunga is laying the foundation for a new breed of celebrity: the type of person who’s famous for being infamous.

We’ve seen this before. In fact, we see it all the time in the US and in the West.

The media has realized that anything Esther related is pure gold. Add Hellon to the mix, and it’s platinum. So they have a vested interest in keeping this cash cow mooing. This desire to consume a person is generally what fuels the creation of a strong paparazzi and tabloid movement.

As for Hellon, his relevance is dependent on this newfound celebrity and whether or not he can maintain it. Hellon has a church and the more it grows, the more he makes. He also has a music career and artists to promote, so for as long as he can remain a household name, he’ll try to. Plus he’s trying to run for Presidency in 2 years, so he really needs to gather as much of a following as possible. Same goes for Quincy Timberlake.

As for Mrs. Timberlake, she quit her job, remember? So she needs a new one. A better paying one, probably. Like…say…a Vice-Presidential candidate. I doubt she’ll be using that law degree because Lord knows no one in their right mind is going to get her to represent them. So she’s also coasting off this whole thing, and fueling it as best she can. Suing parents for 300million? Why not? It’ll keep this saga rolling even longer. More skeletons will come out the closet, more opportunities will open up for her on the media scene. Then one day we’ll all wake up and realize she’s made a lot of money off our need to feed off the moral depravity of someone else’s life. She’ll fall off the scene for a while, and we’ll begin looking for some new, desperate young girl to puppeteer into disaster or worse.

But first things first. Pointless drama that keeps a whole country on its toes. It’s like the bacterial stage in development before becoming she becomes full-blown infectious socialite/media queen.

Or maybe maybe I’m wrong and she’ll crash and burn without anybody so much as caring. But judging by the fact that you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that she’s secured her fame and will undoubtedly reap the fruits of it.

This is not the last you will hear of Esther Arunga Timberlake.

EXTRA: And for your entertainment

Update: I was just informed that her name is now Esther Adongo Timberlake. Yeah…

20 thoughts on “Esther Arunga Timberlake: The Beginning of The End

  1. Seeing as she made her marriage to this Quincy character public, who by the way media reports indicate is still held in industrial area remand prison. My public and fairly irrelevant question is; has he consummated the marriage?
    I’ll have you know that the only interest I and many other Kenyan men have in this Arunga chic is her legs and boobies. Her allure to many is borne of the fact that she kept them legs tightly crossed, hence daring even the most bold amongst us to only dream of them.
    Knowledge that Quincy may have swaggered his ‘musician’ ass between them legs is a blow most of us will take time to recover from.
    I repeat my question, has Quincy consummated the marriage?!!!?!

  2. I was wondering what amount of crack this woman has sniffed. Her eyes looked dead, kitu kama dead man walking. Who on their right mind sues their parents for trying to help them, especialy in Kenya or africa for that matter

    • Well, to begin with, I hope to God she did not sniff crack. Crack is bad enough when it’s smoked. Sniffed, we’re talking about drilling a hole straight through your head.

      What I do suspect is that she’s high of fame. She probably loves waking up and seeing her face on TV, pics in the paper, name all over blog posts…. and she’ll keep grasping and snorting the thinning strands of fame until her 15 minutes are up

      • Lol, did you see the interview on K24, woi, I felt woiye for her ex-fiance mwanaume atchukia madame wote wa nairobi. Then again what makes an educated, engaged soon to be married , well paid(formerly that is) move from that to I want to be a politician, quite her job, dumb her man, get married to a con artist and allianate her famo? Surely not fame she already had that, crack? Maybe not but whatever it is kunebaya mzeya.

  3. There’s alot I smell that will impossible for the Media to unearth maybe will be possible by a member but who’s willin to do that n escape being branded illuminati/mason? (Disclaimer: whatever i’ma say is pure assumption stemmin from what scholars/streets has whispered in my ear) yo the Ms. Timberlake was sedated as she went through a Mental check up which is alleged to have been her folks first step in troubleshootin this nut-ass to find to root cause of her behaviour..okay let’s take it up from there.: since NMG Mercenaries blew up the story, I believe this chic ain friends to her fam. Okay let’s dig in, do you think she could go to her folks place? I doubt it,do you think she could let her folks in her crib(or finger of god mansion) ? I doubt it.. So the question is,how did they trap her n take her to psychiatrist? To me this is some Reverse talks (illuminati/masonry sh*t) meant to censor something they sayin n the rumor hungry mainstream wack media is feedin the innocent souls with it…

  4. I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

  5. no doubt about that you are cute you dont have to
    stress and prove that you are cute no one is blind we have seen you on tv will you pliz do as a favour and let your personal life be personal!

    • “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”,said Esther.
      You foolish men, you stoop as zombies on TVs out there adoring women’s bursts and legs while your wives are busy resting their faiths on you.If they just knew what was in your hearts, they could be long gone.
      For me, Timberlake is best husband Esther ever got. If Esther were to marry men like you, then she’d have fainted by today because you dogs got nothing to offer. She needs no materialism but emotional affection. You’re talking of her boobies and legs while Timberlake is appreciating her as a person and ornament gift from the Lord according to the book of Proverbs.
      For Esther to choose Quincy, she’s gone through a lot with negative men. Accept Esther is married and leave them alone because she’s never coming out of that marriage and we love their marriage. Pilipili usioila inakuwashia nini?
      The man has bought her a house, so what else do you want?
      Timberlake is busy and has no time to come on line for this crap.
      You’re freaks, why can’t you face him and tell him this crap you see how he’ll organize a bandwagon of cops over your arse in a minute???
      Esther, to me meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but learning much from you was beyond my control. You’re my mentor.

  6. You’re Wilson Malaba himself who’s pretending to be blogging against Quincy and Esther all the time.
    We know your style of doing things. We know your stupid grammar, cheap poems and shelly gospel you use to mislead young women.You wealthy women seeker in churches…going round churches seeking women with cash. I gave you time to come back to me and then you thought I was gonna not loose my patience.
    Watch the way we gonna fry you this time round. Remember the 300,000/- from Nelly? Remember her giving it to you on a hidden mobile camera recording? Gai Wilson! That’s the next court battle fool..prepare to see how the judges store your freaky ass in prisons too.
    I need my money back in 30 days or you fool…it’s our time to attack through the same courts you know how to take people to!

      • I concur man.., Nelly is way beyond her usual recommended daily dose.

        Seriously Nelly, as part of admin, we do not know Wilson, we have no association with the guy that jacked you 300,000 (ouch!!), but if your attitude is anything to go by, we can see how you lost that kind of money.

        Well, what else is there to say.., all the best in court. We hope the proceedings make news, coz we’ll definitely blog about it!!!

        Won’t we iCon?

      • Yes, we shall. Oh, yes we shall. And when you’re in court, be sure to mention Diasporadical and shout out the URL so that everybody knows where to come for the goodness. Also, shoot me your dealers number at I’m having one of those days…

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