Friday Fun: Globalisation Explained..

One of the very very few perks of knowing University lecturers is that they’ll occasionally incessantly vent, rant, rave and complain about their students to you. Over time, you grow numb to all their whining and tirades of how “disappointed” they are in them (their students).

Recently, one of my lecturer buddies insisted on showing me a Master student’s re-sit exam which she was marking so that I can get a sense of what all the “disappointment” and fuss was all about.

Read the following paragraph carefully (Click on it to enlarge):

Transcription of the paragraph:
“Globalisation is the interconnectivity of the world such that what happens in one parts of the world affect the other part of the world almost immediately. I say trade has benefited the most because people all over the world can sell or buy through internet. And especially now fibre optic cable has reached Kenya, internet has been faster for bigger downloads.”

I just had to laugh!

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