Women Hate Women

Ah, women.

Every time we mention you the floodgates of feedback open up. Most times it’s constructive and/or positive, sometimes it’s vexed and misguided, and we completely appreciate that as well. Your curse words and expletives have been duly noted, thank you much. But every now and again, we’ll get feedback that’s downright surprising. There was one such question that I’ve been asked 3 separate times by 3 different ladies in response to 3 unrelated posts.

“What do you guys have against women?”

I’m sorry, what? I missed the part where we had a problem with women. Yes, we occasionally give opinions and criticisms, but they all come from a place of love. Although I’m increasingly sure that doesn’t even matter.

See, when it comes to evaluation of inter-sex matters, one must tread carefully. When a woman has insights on men or women, she’s seldom called anything worse than a “feminist”. But let a man give the very same opinion while his peen is still functioning and attached. He’s more than likely a chauvinist pig amongst other very nasty things.

In our case, we’re supposedly mad at women.

Even if we were, you’d be surprised how much angrier women are with women than men are. For all the hate men are charged with expelling on their female counterparts, women do double. It’s almost like Black people in the states: you’re only allowed to insult them if you’re one of them, otherwise you’re racist.

Here’s a fun little exercise. Ladies, when’s the last time you had a conversation with your fellow Venusians about another woman you couldn’t stand? And fellas, how many lady friends do you have that hang around with the guys because they can’t get along with the girls? Now flip that script. Guys, when’s the last time you got together with your boys to dog on a guy or a girl? And ladies, how many guys hang out with you because they can’t stand men?

In my case, I know girls that hang out with dudes 90% of the time because, and I quote, “Those b****s are crazy.” As for the flipside, most guys I know hang out with guys. And we don’t talk about other dudes when we’re chilling. We seldom attack women either. Conversations on women that are negative are usually very brief and to the point.

Open Scene
“She did [whatever evil deed].”
“Oh that’s messed up.”
“Yeah man. I was kinda mad.”
“F*** her.”
“Yep. She’s fine though.”
“Helll yeah. What’s the score?”
End Scene

As opposed to exhuming skeletons and dirt and shoveling it all over your so-called friends.

The simple reason behind this is that the average man is extremely simple to please with extremely primal needs. They have no space to process complex emotions; just as hard as love is to digest, hate is no easy meal either. We are predominantly very impulsive and left-brained.

On the other hand, the average woman is usually more complex, emotionally driven and resolute. Ergo, less likely to be satisfied by anything that doesn’t match her standards. In behavior or otherwise. Which is good.

Women are the reason behind any progress in the world. Guys, not so much. Once TV went big screen and HD, and blowjobs became more socially palpable, it was hard to justify what more needed to happen in the world to a man.

Meanwhile, women pushed everyone to be better and demand more out of life. We are forever grateful for that, amongst a million other things, which is why there are so many days dedicated to Women, like Women’s Day. Your contribution is vital.

Although sometimes it’s not welcome. Much as you are the steering force behind the world, you also tend to hate to be pushed around by someone who thinks they know better and be asked to do more in your lives. Like, say, another woman.

Now this is not to say all women do this, but it is noticeably more. A critical mass.

So it is that while men might have problems with women, women will outrightly hate other women. And they’ll write tomes of books of self-loathing spew and anguish and other women will read them and call them enlightened and empowering.

But when some male African blogger says that materialism is a bad trait in women, he has a problem with women

And they say they want equality….

Postscript: We are aware that it’s Women’s Day but aside from acknowledging that fact, we shall not be doing anything special. Why? Because we celebrate our women everyday, as you should. Tell them you love them, thank them for doing everything for you. Man, woman or child, you are indebted to at least a handful of women; make them feel special. All the time.

12 thoughts on “Women Hate Women

  1. I don’t think it’s fair to asses women who only have male friends as haters.

    I connect better with dudes,but prefer to work with women. Women are more committed at work, good at follow through and very in touch with stuff.

    Socially, I’m sorry to say this, most women talk about non issues hence don’t make for good company.
    Does that make me a woman hater?

    • Nope. Not at all. Ergo why I didn’t say “All Women Hate All Other Women”. There’s a general misconception that sexist antagony is an absolute thing: i.e, all men hate women. all women hate men or whatever the case may be. there are several sides to it. But the side that often gets overlooked is that women hate women too. in fact, moreso than dudes do. Put it this way, when hate-guns get drawn at the female race, who’s finger is usually on the trigger? When hate guns get drawn at any sex, for that matter…but that’s a discussion for another day.

      Of course there are grey areas. For example, I don’t hang out with guys because why would I? I do business with them, spend most of my free time with women…does that make a man hater? Nope. It does make me a minority though.

      Similar to you, in fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “Once TV went big screen and HD, and blowjobs became more socially palpable, it was hard to justify what more needed to happen in the world to a man.” – I echo that!

    Happy Womens Day to all women and women admirers the world over.

  3. Well most of closest friends are women, they are good people. I would not say that I get along better with men than women because that would be a lie, I get along with all people mostly and equally with both genders.

    My bestfriends and I have this weekend where we meet mostly to drink and bitch about a chic we hate or intend to hate orto bitch about the evils of the men in our lives(we are all 24 so I guess its allowed)

    Needless to say I love all men and women equally(sometimes I think am bisexual but thats beside the point).

    But I think we all know a chic who doesnt like other chics and will do everything not to be near women. I know one, she ended being pregnant with her “ust firends” boys. She one of the chics my friends and I hate. Again we are our own worst enemies

  4. ..And the saga continues. Its no idle talk that women are enemies to themselves, Women really enjoy friendship to men than they do to there fellow females!! that put I know of a pal of mine whose best friend is a female, this two got tired of each other for the sake of it, not for any apparent reason, one day they meet in a club and they assume each other and talk rude to each other!!! that there, is big time tripping then the reason they all gave” I had lots of issues ” you will see it as a lame excuse but that is how they stopped being friends, for no apparent reason. Now in the Man’s world you ought to have slept with someones girl or worse his mum to have issues, that way you would exchange not only words but fists! I have numerous female friends of which we have had beef with. But that was it because i let it go, I think if women really want equality in this world they have to learn to let things go. That way they will get the right to equality, they right to do what they have been deprived of including buying themselves drinks…….

  5. Women need women. Its a love-hate relationship. It’s love and hate. Its a blessing and a curse. She’s your sister, your friend, your confidant, your mother, your aunty. She can also be your enemy. She is everything and nothing at the same time. She is joy and sadness. She’s woman. You’re not required to understand. You’re only required to accept and deal.

    For a man that only needs blow jobs and tv you sure muse a lot. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚

    • to say the truth!! we really dont want to understand the complexities of womanhood” but when we have to be the shoulders that you come cry on!! it really bothers( i speak for the brothers ), I think women are too emotional and they should learn to control their emotions! If you know that your girl is bitchy do yourself a favour and avoid her it will help all of us

  6. Contra, my brother. C’mon now. I know you know better. If women can’t deal with women, it’s not due to a woman’s nature nearly as much as it is an inevitable bi-product of the sausage fest we call culture. Think about it: women are celebrated on the days we get married, give birth, die, etc. These are all things we do alone. Are we sincerely expected to value ourselves in groups when we are only given credit for individual accomplishments? If you constantly goad us into serving men, starving us for self-satisfaction, we will necessarily turn cannibal.

    • I think we have to come to an agreement that women and men are different in very many ways,(emotionally of course) men like women want attention, want to be celebrated, want to be credited for all accomplishments, but when we don’t get this we do not beat the world for it!! In as much as you cry for all the attention you have all this fight for womens’ rights! Men do not do the same because we dont flourish as attention seekers because we always want to earn it ourselves! this might strike as a chauvanist opinion but on the other side to be honest no man would want an emotionless woman

    • Nattie, no. You for one shouldn’t be pointing fingers.

      Women are celebrated all the time. Starved for self-satisfaction? Puh leez. You have trails of drool behind you right now. Women get appreciated for doing extremely basic things PRECISELY because the world is so biased. Especially in a country as biased as Kenya and a region as blind as Sub-saharan Africa. So that’s not really the issue.

      The issue is how you relate to each other. If men still think like monkeys, women operate like tigresses. Whereas we are amused by each other’s fart jokes, playing with things that bounce and other cheap thrills, women tend to either be a pack or territorial. More often than not, it’s the latter. Yes, of course it’s a biproduct of societal evolution. But it doesn’t change the fact that y’all are differently predisposed than we are.

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