The SoapBox: “Abortion and Oscars”

Today’s delayed edition of The SoapBox is brought to you late courtesy of KPLC having fun with the main power switch. Thanks guys, you’re swell. Go tap dancing on a frozen piranha infested lake somewhere far, far away, please.

Straight to business.


The above photographed politician is suffering from a terminal disease of which most Kenyans are unaware.

He has BMS. Big Mouth Syndrome. It also surprisingly sounds like PMS, to which it is closely related. You see, his big mouth and erratic emotions have gotten him snookered before, and will undoubtedly be his ultimate undoing. Part of the idea behind politics is being able to balance action and words and much as you may hate him, the old man on the throne right now is doing a better job of that than the old man behind the mic.

For a politician, talking about abortion is like taking a dump. Yes, it must be done. Regularly. But for goodness sake don’t do it in public. Aside from offending a bunch of people, you open yourself up to a myriad of attacks from religious groups, regular citizens and of course, your opponents. You would think that this man wasn’t planning to run for election in a few years. Granted, as of right now, his opposition is looking slightly iffy, but still. People will vote and their voices will be heard. And the quieter you are on contentious matters, the more people will rally behind you. Take a leaf from Obama’s tree. That man might as well be massaging America’s back when he’s giving a speech. Even when they don’t agree with him the rebuttal is seldom strong.

Remember what game your playing, Mr. Odinga. It is all purely political. Don’t let your moral judgement and taste get in the way.

Speaking of blind politics.


There are a million reasons why I did not watch the Oscars, but I’ll give you the top 3.
1. Anvil. Anvil was snubbed by the Academy when it was hands down and by far one of the best movies out, and easily the top documentary. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s quite amazing.
2. The Hurt Locker: I knew from the jump it was going to win a lot of unnecessary awards and I could not for the life of me gather the courage to watch something so mediocre get lauded. Here’s the secret to winning awards, make a war movie and let someone die in it.
3. District 9: I was going to shoot myself if they didn’t win. I really was.

So I thought I was safe, having anticipated the worst and avoided the awards altogether. Then I wake up and…Mo’nique won an Oscar?!

Nah, don’t get me wrong. She acted her ass off(no pun), and had a big part to play in the movie’s success(ok,maybe pun), but an Oscar? Meanwhile, they just ignore Gabourey Sidibe’s performance and give her award to Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock?!? Come on now.

Don’t get me started on Best Actor category. That Morgan Freeman as Mandela even earned a nomination while Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds got ignored is beyond me, frankly. And then Jeff Bridges wins over George’s performance in Up in The Air….Seriously.

The whole winner’s list is a joke to me, honestly. With the exception of maybe 4 awards.

I’ve decided that the Academy, like our government, is made up of a bunch of retarded hamsters channeling their inner BMS’ing politician. They want to do well, they say they’ll do great things, and then they say and do stupid sh** for the rest of their day running around the hamster wheel.

And we sit there watching like we should be surprised, wondering why we’re frustrated.


15 thoughts on “The SoapBox: “Abortion and Oscars”

  1. Brad Pitt was an epic fail in inglorious basterds. Unconvincingly so. As for Rayla, dude is an emo self destructive behaviour is ever apparent. He gets off on sympathy n self pity.

      • Yep. I’m with Kanju here. Loved Inglourious Basterds, but I think the people that deserved to win from it were Quentin Tarantino and that crazy German guy (who won, anyway).

  2. Yeah I’ma go ahead and agree with Kanju…i loved that movie, but brad to me was like that forgettable song on dope cd, not a bad track, but out of place on the cd.

    Stopped watching award shows though, hurt locker was an average movie, but it winning is more palatable than that grossly overrated avatar movie.

    Sandra bullock winning for that bullshit ass movie…is a joke.

    • I’d put brad’s performance in basterds and clooneys in up in the air on the same par and freeman’s in invictus a notch lower. maybe coz i was personally offended by the obvious decision to make morgan mandela. as for Sandra…She needs to do the crack rehab thing and kick rocks. Precious shoulda nabbed that one easy. She had me feeling sad as Hell in a theater trying to act gangsta

      “I’m not gon cry….I’m not gon cry….awhh, she cant read either?!?! I’m not gon cry…awhh, her daddy raped her…i’m not ..gonna…..cry….”

      Walked out of the theater with 4 different lumps in my throat.

      • Haven’t watched invictus, the storyline and casting choice did not move me, so i passed on it. As for precious gave that a pass as well, anytime reviewers go a little crazy about a movie on black experience.. i start doubting it…not to mention i did not care for the people responsible for the push of the movie..

        About the brad pitt and clooney comparisons, i feel brad was not even on screen most of the time…so strikes me a little peculiar you would make the clooney comparison, speaking of which, the chic in that movie vera farmiga is underrated, too bad that ass was that of a body double :/

      • Quality, not quantity. They were both..65% imo. Clooney’s script was better but the delivery was far from a stretch. Brad had few moments, and a very vague character that seemed to fit equally. Morgan had the chance of a lifetime and made little of it, in my opinion. And Jeff Bridges….sigh..never mind

        As for Vera, I did not know that was a double. I just saw the sideboob and caressed my pillow.

      • ahh i could rock with that…i see what you are saying. Ekk!, i had no idea jeff bridges won best actor for a musical….he better not run tron 2

    • Yes she did and well deserved so. I watched blind side and cant for the love of God understand why Sandra won that, gabby in my opinion did a hella job in precious, I cried my eyes out on that movie. Now ma the most over protective in this world.

  3. Sandra Bullock winning over Gabourey Sidibe was just the kind of Bullshit why I never watch Award shows these days,they so predictable like fuck..I mean how you tell me to waste my sleep just watch that happen or Taylor Swift win a grammy..I mean c’mon..but at the end of the it’s a white-man’s thingy so Sandra is okay to win..

    for once a white-man’s project played to my wish..yes that bullshit they call Avatar(it’s was good anyway) didn’t win no BEST PICTURE MOTION. that earned me like 2k instant cash no check nonsense cuz alot of folks don’t even understand what they lookin for in BEST PICTURE MOTION or rather the thought people vote in like Chat awards-Fail..

    Anyway I don’t watch movies that much cuz most are copy n paste story lines something like the Tyler Perry crack-yes they’re like weed. same script,different cast( Precious was the special though)

    Anyone with Boondocks Season 4,24 Season 8 ep. 8,The Practice Season 3,The Wire Season 5..Hit ya boy up..I need them like yesterday


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