The SoapBox: “Police, Turf Wars and Riots”

This week’s edition of The SoapBox is brought to you by Kevlar Vests. Because many times being innocent doesn’t mean police will leave you alone. Protect yourself.

Onto today’s topics.

For those who missed it, Administrative Police in Kawangware shot, slayed, executed 7 taxi drivers last Wednesday. The story behind it is that there was a dispute between boda boda and the Taxi Drivers. This resulted in the feud being reported to Police who showed up guns ablazing on “suspected gangsters”, the Taxi Drivers, and the next few days were mayhem in Kawangware.


Less than a month ago, I pointed out how carelessly reckless law enforcement were with their firearms. Given a reason to shoot one thing and they’ll find a reason to shoot 2; Officers have become very philanthropic with their ammunition, giving back to the public whenever they can. Case in point: The Administration Police. Their mission is “to contribute to National Development through provision of sustainable peace and tranquility to all people inKenya”. Which is the exact opposite of what happened, coincidentally. Now, I understand that reforms are underway, but more and more I’m afraid nothing will change. It seems the population is getting rowdier as the cops are getting more trigger happy and that combination can only amount to more violence.

Besides, in a case like this, who do you blame?

Turf Wars

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives to the senseless brutality. But at the same time, I can’t help but to pinch the bridge of my nose and shake my head at how avoidable this whole debacle was. The crime scene is littered with corpses, bullets and greed. The boda boda Taxi feud was about money. From what I understand these AP’s owned some of the motorcycles used by the boda, so their intentions are far from pure as well.

Regardless of who wanted what, the outcome was clearly something nobody was happy with.


Kenyans, I beg you. I am on my knees pleading with you. STOP. RIOTING.

It does NOT solve problems. Ever. I thought one of the things we would have take away from the painful election experience was to not react violently towards each other, but instead to unite and create a change. Instead folks get together and start setting public property on fire and taking dumps in the middle of the road. No solution emerges from that; just more problems. Yet locals seem bent on exacerbating matters, blinded by frustration and anger, turning every Kawangware into a small warzone.

Meanwhile cops are still searching for new targets

And the media, government and authorities are pointing fingers as to who should take responsibility for this catastrophe. The taxi, the boda, the rioters, the police? As the old cliche goes, when you point 1 finger at somebody else, there are 3 more pointing right back at you. This is a situation where EVERYONE dropped the ball, and it trickled down the hill setting off every single landmine in its path and amassing a body count of seven.

Yet people are still asking “IF” the Administration Police should be held accountable. Everybody should. That simple. End of story. New chapter.


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