Daily Dozen: 18/03

Dear Valued Readers,

Today’s edition of the Daily Dozen will not consist of 12 cool links. Unfortunately, time flew right past us. But we won’t leave you empty handed. Oh no. Instead, today you’ll get 12 reasons why birds are more awesome than humans. Enjoy.

– They can fly
– The don’t buy eggs, they lay them.
– They see cities from amazing angles.
– They can poop on people they don’t like.
– They have beaks.
– They are always naked.
– They are delicious
– They’ve had a Daily Dozen dedicated to them
– They evolved from dinosaurs, we evolved from monkeys
– They don’t read, they are too busy doing everything you can’t do.
-And Reason #12 is the following picture.

Oh yeah.

The Daily Dozen will be back tomorrow. Please send submissions & suggestions to diasporadical@gmail.com as always. Thank you much. Pamoja!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: 18/03

  1. And they’re doing it so matter of factly….if only life were like that.

    Man: “May I mount you?”
    Lady: “Why, certainly”

    People: 0

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