Daily Dozen: 03/19

TGIMFF. Week’s almost over. We’re about to go home, put on a silly hat, old t-shirts and some house slippers and watch basketball all weekend. March Madness, baby.
Five for Friday comin up later in the afternoon.

Kenya: Third Fibre Optic Cable To Land This Week [HALLELUJAH!]
Slow Recovery Overseas to Hurt Kenyan Growth [Business Daily]
Men, Women & PMS [Zuqka]
Mrembo shikilia ukuta nikuonyeshe [Kahenya]
African Teen King Lives Dual Life [CNN]
Nakumatt buys Woolmatt [A Nairobians Perspective]
How Developers Can Make Money with Safaricom [Bankelele]
IRB 7’s : Kenya return to go one better in Adelaide [Rugby Kenya]
Religion and Sexuality [Black Looks]
Zimbabwe Leaders Agree on Way To End Crisis [Reuters]
Kibaki Vows Media Freedom [Capital FM]
Kenya Wins First Round On Ivory [Nation]

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