TRUE LOVE: Did I Miss Something?

True Love is dead.

First the concept then the magazine. The term they’re using is ‘folded up’, which makes no difference anyway since dog ears look bad even on a glossy magazine.

Since its debut on the newsstands in October 2004, I always dreamed of making the cover of TRUE LOVE. When you watch Precious, you’ll understand how big that dream was for me. I don’t have a pretty TV face or a sexy radio voice and my kilos seem to be tilting to the right every other time. Nonetheless, I had it all worked out. I’d get my PhD at 27, rise to an MD position in some company and like a real diva (female version of a hustler), start my publishing company and make sure it’s thriving by the time I hit the big 3-0. My evenings and weekends would be spent at social functions where the invited haves and have more sip champagne, making small talk, standing on 6-inch heels and donning the latest international couture. I’d then get that chic décored bungalow way up in the cool, forested suburbs and probably be a neighbor to a High Commissioner and an Expatriate. Eventually, I’d indulge in a charity activity and make a lot of hullabaloo about it, rubbing shoulders or locking horns with the political MOFs of the day. Smile for the camera now..,

Well, I guess that won’t be happening.

While I consider resigning my high ambitions to Jeff’s bench, some may argue that I should have seen this publishing meltdown coming. The signs couldn’t have been clearer.  I must admit, I wasn’t worried when the DRUM beat fell silent and MOVE was stopped dead in its track. It seemed reasonable for TWENDE to go quarterly, but when I heard ADAM had been banished from the garden of EAM , I chocked on an apple.

The ultimate death of TRUE LOVE came as a surprise considering that the magazine had a strong South African backing (aluta continua!).  Among the many factors attributed to the fold-up are low advertising revenues, though some market researchers argue that print advertising spending had actually doubled in the last two years. I just read this stuff, I don’t write it. But in the midst of all the he-said she-said drama, I can’t help but think that maybe TRUE totally missed the point with this publication.

In my two bob opinion, I think there was a total mismatch between the name of the magazine and the content.Work with me here.

When you pick up a PLAYBOY from the stands, what do you expect to find in there? Financial advise? Noooo!!! You’re hoping to see page after page of stunning, sexy, naked women posing prostrate or on all fours that you have to rotate the magazine to get a clearer view.


Children, this is a sign of peace.

Pick up a COSMO and it’s glam all over with a few sex-and-the-city confessions and advice columns that the Pope wouldn’t recommend.

Back to TRUE LOVE: First, I somewhat agree with the tag line, it is indeed “All a Woman Needs”. But where exactly was the true love in that 130 page manual?

I recall reading great articles on food, travel, books, home decor and even successful men but I could hardly relate it with the life-long  feminine search for True Love. Yeah, there were those 3-page revelations of our female celebrities, some in fairly stable relationships and others in marriages that your mother would pray and fast over. I guess the objective was to somehow learn from them and continue to chart our way through this muddled mess called life? Then there were the fashion pages like something straight out of a catwalk in Milan; amazing page turners. But really, they were just another scheme to encourage the targeted “ABC1 modern, upwardly, mobile woman” to go out there and spend her hard earned mulla on fake hair, acrylic nails, revealing garments and sparkling trinkets of vanity that never suffice.

Where is the love?

But no one shops forever and even upwardly, moving women need to rest. So they crawl into a cold bed with fresh memories of their day out shopping. And as they clutch their duvets tighter they wonder what happened to all the men in the world. But who can blame them for wondering? Besides, at the end of the day isn’t True Love “all a woman needs?”

5 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE: Did I Miss Something?

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  3. “In my two bob opinion, I think there was a total mismatch between the name of the magazine and the content.”

    ^^ I think so too. It’s funny you should mention “True Love”. I took the liberty of posting your post link on Kellie’s blog who also raised similar concerns about “True Love”.

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