Fresh Start

You ever feel like your life switched gears while you weren’t paying attention? Like some invisible prankster dialed up the speed and slope on life’s treadmill as you tried to maintain your regular pace?

I’ve been struggling to keep up with affairs for the past week and failing. Now, I am a very well adapted workaholic, but in spite of my best efforts, it seemed nothing I did was enough. It was hustle after hustle after project after project. Before I could exhale, the sun was rising again. (Note to regular readers: Hence the absence of my daily contributions.)

Finally, the Universe got tired of my shenanigans. Some people don’t believe in God, others don’t believe in crediting God with everything. I fall into the latter category. The world is a very delicate yet rigid system that requires all things to be balanced to ensure its survival. When things fall out of place, they receive a jolt to straighten them right back up. See, there’s this giant “Reset” button that autocorrects everything. The correction, though case-specific, is not tailor fitted.

Which is how my life progressively turned upside-down as the heat turned up. I was like the rotisserie chicken at Kenchic.

First it started with my cellphone.

Anyone who knows half a thing about iCon, knows I stay on my phone. I get business calls all day and night and send messages in between phone calls. So much so, that when nothing is happening, I can still hear my ringtone echoing in my head. But on Wednesday last week, the phone just decided it was tired and shut down. When I turned it back on, it was blank. It was on, but blank. By Thursday morning it was back to normal, but by Friday, the screen was illegible and the phone had decided to send multiple copies of messages to everybody(Sorry guys.) Finally, it decided to start dialing people I didn’t need to speak to and hanging up on important calls. I eventually turned it off.

Concurrently, my laptop had gotten possessed by its own demons. Now, just to clarify, I’m an IT Technician and a Multimedia Production Artist. In layman terms, I design stuff for companies. So I need and know my computer very much. I tried to get it to behave and failed. Finally, the homie Knox offered to take a look at it and after trying everything, we signed the death certificate on that piece of machinery and buried it on Friday. So with my connections to the world inexplicably revoked, I waited patiently for the sky to cave in and the ground to erupt below me. I got to work in a foul, foul mood late on Friday, refusing to entertain small talk from anyone and everyone until I got to my desk. I just wanted the week to end. Plus, I was beginning to feel genuinely unwell. I needed to…rest. So I began to pack up stuff on my desk and think up excuses as to why I had to leave early after getting there late.

Hello Expectations....

Just then I got a very alarming call from my boss. He asked me to see him in his office as quickly as humanly possible. I walked in. Sat down. Watched him praise the work I had done. Smiled. And then thought I heard him offer me a promotion.

Wait, what?

Yes, children. I was offered a new, bigger, shinier, better job. Corner office with a view and all. And then he pats my shoulder and says:

“Why don’t you go home early, take some time and think about it?”

I most certainly did.

Sometimes in life, our efforts get out of sync and begin to hinder our progress. Sometimes we get too busy to realize how fortunate we are. But most times, we feel doubtful. Is this ever going to pay off? What happens next? Bills, projects, this, that, cellphone, laptop….and you forget the bigger things; health, happiness.
Friends. Family.

I spent most of the weekend just clearing up my mind and chilling with the fam. And in about 2 hours, although I am unwell and suffering from insomnia, I’ll be reporting to work more refreshed than I did on any day last week.

I think I got my mojo back. Gotta start the week off right.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. I think Kweli put it best when he said:

    “Life is a beautiful struggle/
    People search through the rubble for a suitable hustle
    Some people usin’ the noodle, some people usin’ the muscle
    Some people put it all together, make it fit like a puzzle”

    Keep on keeping on, iCon.

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