My Purple Thumb & I

by Kipepeo

I am now known to have a political opinion – I never did before. I never really cared before. See middle class Kenyans don’t usually care. I went to private school, went to private hospitals, our family had private security and even private garbage collectors. The government has not really had a direct impact on my life in away from the abstract in a way that is tangible to me.  However, the last election I registered and did my civic voting duty. Lets just say post getting my pinky purple’d I was not a happy camper. My middle class self came to certain realizations and that’s the story of how I acquired a political opinion.

I was left totally heartbroken by all these politicians and Kenyans as a whole. In that state of mind I was very close to burning up my voting card because at that point, in my mind – my vote didn’t count.  But I didn’t burn it – I however put it in some place that I couldn’t find it.  Well that was up until I heard I would have to go get a letter stating I had lost it from the chief..??!!?…Uhm, yeah…and WHO is my chief?? And WHY do we still have chiefs anyway?  Sigh…moving on swiftly…

Anyway, so after finding my voting card, I went and got registered.  At the moment I don’t see anyone I would consider voting for, but my thing is maybe just maybe(yes, I have been known for my wishful thinking), some miracle person will come out of somewhere and stand.  So as I gave in my old voters card (that I had acquired with so much enthusiasm for being a voter for the very first time in my life) and there was some relief in giving it away and like I heard / read someone say, it was sort of liberating.  To hand over that card that stood for so much pain and sorrow in 2007/8. 

So now I have a new one. This is hoping something gives for the better!

9 thoughts on “My Purple Thumb & I

  1. LOL am with u on that wishful thinking….pliz someone…anyone..with some common sense..maybe an ad in the papers for potential prezo, vp, mps could work!! 😉

    • Glad to have a fellow wishful thinker…if we all focus our energies….maybe someone just may come up. Right now Gowi Odera in Westlands is looking like a good option for MP…At least that’s who I will be backing!

  2. I don’t think I can vote for geographical reasons, but I encourage everyone who can to do it. And don’t lose hope. If Arunga and the Placenta party can come out of nowhere, I’m sure some group of sensible gents can emerge from hiding and make a run at changing this nation.

    • I agree iCon! I’m sticking it out as a hopeful of better things. Something has got to give – and for the better! So let’s register!!!

  3. Gowi odera..2012 Westlands parliamentary seat! Change is coming people! men and women of God taking over! Fearless influencing! Its all about fearless influencing! We must get fed up of the mediocre culture we endorse and strive to do more and be more! If your dreams scare you THEN YOUR DREAMS AREN’T BIG ENOUGH! 🙂

  4. “The government has not really had a direct impact on my life in away from the abstract in a way that is tangible to me”…I hope this is satitical coz if not, then take it that it has had a very very big impact ie if at all you lived in the country it governed

    • I get what you mean, but it sometimes feels like I live in a state not a “nation state” in which the government has failed in many ways. I know there are much worse off countries, but I choose not to hold Kenya up to low standards.

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    Thanks, Bye Bye.

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