Daily Dozen- 31/03

Is it Easter yet?

Jana Kuliendaje: Imagining Kenyan Tales from a Digital Age [Potash]
Adopt an African woman’s clitoris! [Black Looks]
A Single Ladies Prayer [Tricia]
Thoughts on Nairobi’s Brew Bistro and Lounge [INTS]
How Much Is Your Dignity Worth? [Mwistar]
The tale of two Kenyas [AlKags]
Wyclef Jean Embezzling Haiti funds to finance Clande [Muchene]
Should The Pope Apologise For The Rwanda Genocide? [Irish]
South Africa’s ANC defends “Kill the Boer” song [Reuters]
Nigeria Sharia court confirms Twitter debate ban [BBC]
Grab some popcorn, science is about to get cool again [NYT]
Kibera’s Flying Toilet Problem Solved [BBC]

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