Daily Dozen: 6/04

Sigh, one day perhaps..

Now you can twitter, Facebook and even Google from your TV! [Majibu]
Referendum will be a referendum of church’s influence [AlKags]
Nairobi Real Estate bubble bursts [PesaTu]
UK kids watching Kenyan television soap [RafikiKenya]
Rich People are Going to Steal Our Internships [InariMedia]
Life after being an African president [Monocle]
New EU Policy on Food Aid Commendable [KenOpalo]
‘What Do You Do?’ [Kellie]
Curious user opened up his brand new Apple iPad to see [SciTechBits]
Doctor Tells Obama Supporters to ‘Go Elsewhere’ for Care. Seriously? [ABC]
Haitian Ambassador Defends Wyclef Against Embezzlement Allegations of Quake Funds [AH]
6 Guys With Jobs That Would Kill The Average Person [Guyism]

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