Daily Dozen: 7/04

Kenyan Students vote to end reign of school prefects [DN]
Can Animals Be Gay? [NYT]
500 million shillings of CDF money disappeared [BDA]
Building Bridges: Recognizing and Rewarding Kenya’s Peacemakers [Web]
Is the Kenya rugby sevens team too predictable? [Blogger]
Working for Free: The Boom in Adult Interns [Time]
Top 7 Myths About Starting A Business [SFC]
Musicians in Kenya using Twitter [Wordpress]
The Australian founder of wikileaks lives in Nairobi [MJ]
In Rwanda, it’s as if genocide is still going on [TO]
Black farmers in the US still waiting for settlement cash [USAtoday]
Tensions rise in South African white supremacist case [BBC]

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7 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: 7/04

  1. 500m missing through CDF….and of course those 34MPS will be untouched….ahhh blood pressure rising!!!!!I keep asking myself why i read news surely the grief and anger is too much

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