This man and woman thing.

Venus v.s Mars?

I’m sure our good friend has a ton of nice things he could say about women and men too but let’s face it, sugar-coating things or beating around the bush wouldn’t be too constructive, now would it?

The truth of the matter is that men and women desperately want to ‘understand’ each other. For this reason, we read, we write, we listen, we interact, we share experiences yet, time and time again we are constantly reminded just how little we actually know about each other. We (male bloggers of DR) are on a noble yet perilous quest to expand our understanding of relationships between women and men or atleast write enough about women to convince ourselves of the same. In doing so, we rely on our personal observations and experiences both socially and within the relationship context. Admittedly, deriving generalizations from one’s own personal experiences with the opposite sex can often times be inaccurate, misleading and on the rare occasion offensive but it cannot be denied that it helps to provoke thoughtful discussion, meaningful insight and hopefully lead to a better understanding of man-woman dynamics for all.

Don’t get me wrong though, I hate stereotyping more than the next person but when sh*t hits the fan and arguments between men and women break out, we all go running back to the stereotypes and generalizations that have been with us our entire lives to help us ‘understand’ stuff.

We all generalise and stereotype each other. Women and men alike.

Disclaimer: What you’re about to read is yet another bunch of words I put together in short sentences arranged haphazardly to look like poetry futile attempt to sum up the differences between men and women.

Venus vs Mars – by NV

Men are committed. Women are monogamous.
Men argue. Women deliberate.
Men confront. Women hold it in
Men plan. Women plot.
Men visualize. Women theorize.
Men are passionate. Women are emotional.
Men cheat. Women betray.
Men withdraw. Women bluff.
Men kill things. Women deprive things of all life.
Men die younger. Women live slower.
Men are emotionally distant. Women are emotionally manipulative.
Men’s Achilles heel is pride. Women’s Achilles heel is vanity.
Men are expendible. Women are perishable.
Men humiliate. Women shame.
Men sweat daily. Women bleed monthly.
Men break barriers. Women create order.
Men design. Women define.
Men self-serve. Women self-delude.
Men are insecure. Women are paranoid.
Men grab. Women hold.
Men exaggerate. Women overreact.
Men face the sun. Women admire the stars.
Men sexualize. Women characterize.
Men eat. Women indulge.
Men aspire. Women inspire.
Men’s love is life. Women’s life is love


Bottomline, we (Iceman and myself) don’t claim to be experts on matters between women and men but it is our belief that we can grow to a better understanding of these matters by sharing our experiences (however unsavoury they may appear to be) in exchange for your comments, complaints and criticisms. We appreciate your support muchly.

That is all. TGIAF (Thank God Its Almost Friday)

PS: Hi hater, Ok I know you think my poem-writing skills suck monkey balls and you’re probably right. I’ll keep that in mind when I write my next one. You’re welcome btw.

20 thoughts on “This man and woman thing.

  1. What do you mean committed vs monogamous?
    Ehhh betrayal is a bit of an emotionally loaded word…ask victims and its betrayal both ways, cheating downplays the whole shenanigan.N then perishable….pliz explain yourself NV!!

  2. twololo hio pic! wacha tu.
    *swipes pic, uploads it on fb and takes a bunch of random ppl*
    Your poem writing skills DO suck btw. Not as much as weak ass attempt to defend yo boy Iceman tho. lol.
    Still got mad love for the DR crew tho.
    And what’s with you always saying: ‘You’re welcome btw’? Weiird!

  3. Please take that photo down? Pretty please with sugar on the top…every time I want to comment on this post, that photo comes up and I get the shivers!

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  5. I love the picture,it reminds of how I used to skyve school(Never take your kid to a Boarding High school)to go get a fling with a gal in a neighboring Gal’s school leaning on a tree(we used to call it standing or something similar to that)… good memories is what that picture brings..

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