Daily Dozen: 12/04

Gravity. Always. Wins.

10 year Old Boy Who Climbed Kilimanjaro, Now Set to Climb Everest [AFP]
Poland in Mourning [Times Online]
Africa may have lost £1 Trillion in illegal flows of money, researchers say [Guardian]
“New scramble for Africa” [AfroSpear]
Pattni Land Deal Raises Questions [Daylight robbery]
Quincy Zuma Timberlake Spills The Beans [DN]
Travel Diary: Experiences, Trans-sexuals, Cultures, Language Barriers [Wanjiku]
Living To The Fullest [Wyndago]
Kellie Laid Bare [Kellie]
Making money off African women’s genitalia [SavingAfrica]
Diaspora Kenyans Keeping the Harambee Spirit Alive [ButDoISay]
Faster Than A Speeding Rapist [A&C]

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6 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: 12/04

    • same thing with Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe v. Zambia LOL (the Zambia view is nicer btw)

      As for Kenyans, we’re just colonisers capitalists like that. We claim everything as our own. Hell, we even claimed Swa and Tanzanite exports as well.

      Why do you think our neighbours (particularly TZ) are soo jittery about the EAC.. they know what’s up. Look at the inroads we’re making into Rwanda already. 🙂

      You’re welcome btw.

      • whats this “you’re welcome btw” business you’ve started up? Kenyans just gobble everything up…the EAC is coming so jitter on I say!! woop woop….Viva Kenya! (do I sound quasi colonial?)

    • my two cents: Kenya is losing its touch. It really grinds my pancreas that we were caught with our pants down over Migingo. If we’re not careful Al-Shabaab might do the same thing in Northeastern.

      Love the pic and the caption..hehehe. LOL

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