Arrest Wives of Illicit-Brew Drinkers

So 13 stupid men died and several others lost their eye-sight last week after consuming some brew whose ingredients may be found in a nuclear bomb. I don’t feel jack shit! And even if that number would have hit a million, I wouldn’t care either. Had the government called it a national crisis and declared a national day of mourning, I would have given them the finger and taken the first flight to Poland to mourn a president I didn’t know.

I can’t stand drunkards.

And to all those that consumed that shit and keep consuming it, eff you all! I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. To that guy in Kawangware who on National Television said that he takes that sickening crap because he earns Ksh.350 and has five kids and a wife, I have one thing to say, ‘I’ll buy you a rope if you promise to hang yourself.’

How the consumption of illicit brew has gone on for so many years, while hundreds have lost their lives is just damning. The latest incident in Shauri Moyo should give the government reason enough to take more stringent measures to not only curb this menace, but make it look like it never existed in the first place.

I recommend two things:

Shoot to Kill: When a man loses his capacity to work, his ability to provide to his family by virtue of his hard work or theft, his capability to bear children, his eyesight and his very character and stature in society, all these at his own volition and.., at an expense? That to me is tantamount to a grievous crime. Such a man should be shown no mercy, whatsoever. He should be executed without trial. I suggest the effective, trigger-happy Administration Police be appointed this task. Going by the fact that such a man is ever high and never in touch with his immediate environment, attests to the fact that he has no desire to live. His escapist mentality that prevents him from working out his problems like we all painstakingly do, does not in anyway contribute to the growth of our ailing economy. The fact that he chooses.., yes chooses, in fact pays,  to go blind only means that Vision 2030 is nowhere within his sights. And NO! I will not recommend any alcohol rehab to an adult who consumes illicit liquor made from methanol and sewage. Even dogs no better than to drink some shit!

Arrest Wives of Illicit Brew Drinkers: I have been there. I know what it is like to live with a drunk, to feed his evil, to not share a bed with him when you’re supposed to and finally to get bartered by him.  And by the way things were going; I would have shot him in the head. Sense prevailed and I took him to the police station myself. Never came back to my life.

In short, any woman – mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt, and niece – who has a husband that habitually consumes illicit brew should be arrested and charged with harboring a criminal. The public should no longer watch with sympathy when an old woman from Gatanga constituency complains that her husband cannot make love to her, cannot get her pregnant, cannot control his bladder and therefore urinates in bed, and cannot work making his wife the bread winner of the family, if not the head of the household. No way!

I’ll say it here and clear. Those women choose to be with their useless husbands. Okay? Don’t get it twisted. You shouldn’t feel a morsel of sympathy. Don’t cry with them. Get them arrested. And once they appear before a judge, they can tell us why they are still with their husbands if those men are clearly adding no value to the family.

The fact that these wives sustain themselves and their husbands’ drinking habits, without government support, goes to show that they are capable of taking care of their children without the nagging nuisance of an embarrassing husband whose decorum can be rivaled by a hyena.

Therefore, if any wife goes ahead to defend her illicit-brew drinking husband’s habits, she too should be subjected to recommendation no. 1 as mentioned above.

And in conclusion, you are free to add, here below, any other harsh yet effective recommendations that are likely lead to instant death.

26 thoughts on “Arrest Wives of Illicit-Brew Drinkers


  2. Such strong words, such venom, the heart constricts at the thought of what your hand would help you do if ever you met such men doing their thing in Kamwangare or wherever they find pleasure! However I find more harm inflicted by the so called ‘brewers’ who stuff their ignorant fans with substance so lethal(methanol) without the slightest of hesitance. I find even more blame for the government and it’s buddies who have let the gruesome practice go on to such levels yet this is not the first time it has come to surface!

    • Okay..,let’s get one thing very clear. There is no brewer who held a gun to their customer’s throat and forced them to drink that shit. Their customers pay for the risk. Just like a guy would go ahead and pick a prostitute at K-Street and have sex with her without a rubber (and many have). Did anyone force the guy to do it? Nope. And, did he pay for the risk? Yes.., so some get HIV and some go blind. Who’s to blame, really?

    • sasa its like this a percentage of the tax payers money is supposed to be used by the govt to enlighten the wanainci on what not eh! then you have the kenya insitute of standards of sth that is mandated to ensure that evertthg that goes down a kenyans system is legit and up th scratch! You can bet everything you have got that those vijana selling that shit had license to sell or come up with that devilish concoction! so who do you blame then? the ignorant kenyan looking for his next fix or the the irresponsible govt? take your pick but it depends on what angle of the prism you are looking!

  3. Your frustration is justified, but clearly there needs to be a framework where some of these local (read: cheaper) brews can be manufactured and marketed legally and in a safe manner and subject to quality controls. The current model only benefits the Njenga Karumes and those who can’t afford the conventional beverages available now end up going blind or dying.

    • I agree.

      But before we get this “framework” in place, who will stop these men (and Wambui who was left by Salim)from taking illicit brew?

  4. Am sure you would see a different picture if you lived in a hood with ilicit brew dens. been there seen it and shit is beyond just a drink. there is much more to the ilicit than you think. tell you if you ever talk to someone hooked to that shit, you might shed a tear. am not justifying getting drunk, just a picture from the other side of town.

    • agreed …. it’s sad to some degree but past some point, it gets unnerving. In my drunker youth in one of these such neighborhoods, I had the honor of befriending shooting pool with the best of these guys quite regularly. This was about 6 years + ago.

      The other day while I was walking through the old stomping ground, I asked around for the guys in question; a small click of 5 dudes that were constantly at the locals. Only 2 of them are still living. Sad? Yeah. Annoying? Even more so.

  5. The women who sleep or are married to such people go through so much anguish than you can believe. There is a book called Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Well, its about why the successful came to be. But it also helped me question why situations like changaa and crime come about. Meanwhile, listen, digest Ghostface’s verse on 4th chamber

  6. I disagree, i find your opinion faulty and anger completely misplaced. You claim not to care but want these people killed and arrested!! A little drastic if you ask me. Poverty is a terrible thing, alcoholism is an addiction whether its tusker or changaa. You ought to ask yourself what would drive a man to drink to his death. Hopelessness is crippling and those women stay for various reasons, one of them being domestic abuse. Even in the developed world with all its support networks it takes women an avg of 7-8 attempts to leave their partners. So yes these people do stuff they shouldnt do but they are also victims of a system that has failed them.

    • Quite a number of things, I need to point out:

      1. The problem of poverty will NEVER be solved by a bottle. It only get’s worse.
      2. Sure, these guys need rehab, but I’m meant to understand that you cannot rehabilitate an addict unless he admits that he is an addict and that he wants help, whether he wants to quit Tusker or Ratish. Think we’ll be getting a confessions anytime soon?
      3. Domestic abuse, especially that afflicted on women only occurs when the woman chooses to sit around the house waiting to be hit again and again and again. If she were away from the abuse, it wouldn’t happen. Like I said, I have been there, and I made my choice to leave, rather than remain hopeless for the rest of my short life.
      4.The system is a means to an end. Not an end in itself, unless you’re living in a communist state. But since you and I do not, this Capitalist system is designed to facilitate all forms of business. Like the sale of heroine down at the Coast. Why don’t you take that stuff? It’s coz you know better.

  7. Poverty perpetuates the problem with the bottle. Give the man a job so he doesnt have to feel useless and incapable of contributing to his family’s welfare and i bet you his choice of drink will be different and we wouldnt be talking about addiction or even the need of rehab. The power of significance is very misunderstood yet it has destroyed many lives…reflect on that for a moment!!

    As a victim of domestic abuse i would expect you to understand better than anyone else that its not that black and white. There is so much baggage behind abuse that the very last manifestation of the whole affair is the physical abuse or neglect. The emotional and psychological damage is far worse. I have seen abuse victims, sane women with good jobs and what appears to be a good family only to uncover the horrors beneath which they live. It takes alot of work on the womans part and some support would be nice so she can walk away from it. To say that they choose to sit there and wait to get hit again and again is so naive and simplistic. How many times before you left? Did you have somewhere else to go? Someone or something to help support you? Like i said its not that black and white!!

    • O my God. Ali you read my mind. Being that u are a victim i would expect you to be more sympathetic. You don’t know the woman’s history, she may have kids and in some cases the man may actually be the sole provider. She may not be as emotionally or psychologically strong as you got. Did you leave the first time? She may not have a family to run to. And when she does decide to leave, she need a plan. I’m very disappointed in your remarks. you haven’t walked in their shoes, their situation is not identical to yours. Have a little compasion. And yes the situation is not only perpetuated by poverty but by ignorance as well. To be honest i can’t 100% say i blame them coz for a guy unable to support his family i think there’s a feeling of inadequecy that must lead them to wanna drink their thoughts away, not an excuse but a reason.

      • not cosigning on that one. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Will not be voting for you in the next election lol.

  8. Thought you all should read this.

    It appeared on today’s Daily Nation.

    Important notes I wish to highlight from Clay Muganda’s piece:

    “Alcohol-related deaths are not new, and every time they happen, we blame poverty, and forget that drinking is a national pastime, a collective hobby, something that defines the Kenyan nation, who we are, and our priorities. We cannot continue blaming poverty for a lifestyle problem…, slum dwellers are not the ones who went to court to challenge and eventually defeat the introduction of Alcoblow.”

    “It is the poverty of ideas, ideals, morals, ethics and good manners. Ironically, it is poverty that has been brought about by the availability of cash- begged, borrowed and stolen – which we feel can only be spent on having fun.”

    “Ideally, ours is a country of people who are drunk with the little power they have and stagger through life and leave destruction in their wake. People who only reside in their minds, but also lack a world view and cannot accommodate the ideas of others (like their wives, perhaps?) because they are not willing to listen.”

    “In an ideal world, they can see the light when they are sober and realize their mistakes, but since they do not want to face the real world, and have decided to spend their lives in drinking dens, in their minds, in a perpetual state of drunkenness, things will only get worse.”

  9. Yes I been there seen shit happen to my fam. I lost my Grandpa to brews,the old man used to sneak in the wee hours of the morning(according to my grandma)without eating a thing then go hard on liquor.he met his death one day on his way from the Liguor Den,he collapsed on the path home and that was it. I was young then prolly 7 but what pissed me off most was that during the funeral,some nutass women brought the liquor to our compound in Shags and some old ass folks(My grandpa’s buddies)went hard that 2 of them got drowned in a nearby river(memory still fresh)on their way home..

  10. For the life of me i can’t figure out where this culture of drunkennes came from. My father had a close relationship with the bottle which progressively led to the deterioration of my relationship with him and my view of men in general.
    He is educated had 2 good jobs, one he screwed up, thanks to a chips funga.That was the last straw and i lost the all the respect i ever had for him and all that’s left is resentment and sadness for my mother for all she’s had to go thru at the hands of an example of a man. I’m ashamed to call him my dad. I don’t know that i can ever marry a Kenyan man for fear of an encore of my mother’s life. But to the good ones out there stay that way. We appreciate you all.

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