The Kenya We Deserve


If you don’t have time to read anything else, kindly scroll down to the “Dear Kenyan” letter. Many thanks.

This is our country.

The country our ancestors built, fought and died to keep. The country they then rebuilt, together. It is in these grounds that so many before us have sown their undivided seeds of loyalty, and shed blood, sweat, tears and life into. This is the earth they turned, toiled and tilled for centuries, before leaving us to bear the fruits.

And yet look at where we find ourselves. Poverty is rampant, corruption is king, nobody trusts anybody and everyone is on edge – waiting. Waiting for the next uproar so that we may grab our pangas and pitchforks and run amock in the streets, killing our people. OUR people. Because regardless of your tribe, when the World and God look down, all they see is Kenyans killing Kenyans. And for what?

The bloodshed and pain from the past election’s violence should be fresh enough in our minds that we understand the importance of moving forward peacefully and together. This is not to say that everything is all good and all well now and that we have no reason to be angry, no reason to fight. Far from it. This is saying that we have been fighting the wrong fight. Our real battle has not even began because we’ve been so busy being pitted against each other that we haven’t bothered to set common goals; principles that we all believe in, needs we can all agree upon. We need to fight for what we want – all of us. Because if we can agree on the main basic things that all Kenyans need – transparency in government, water for all, better roads, better security, electricity, better medical care…then we can stop fighting over puny squabbles and actually make a change.


We need more than just aimless stone-casting and angry rebellion. We need a full blown revolution. We need this revolution to be a concerted effort and push forward consisting of a focused plan and unified set of principles. We may disagree on the details but there are several basic things we can agree upon. Because even if we can’t agree on whether abortion should be legal or not, we all know that we need better, more accessible, more affordable medical care. So let’s start by making that happen.

With that said, this is my plea to you today.

Dear Kenyan Reader,

Kindly answer the following question:

“What do we as Kenyans need?”

That simple.

Leave us a comment, send us an email (, let us know. And if you can, in the process, also let a friend know.

Ideally, I’d like to get as many Kenyans involved as possible. So even if you don’t answer, please spread the word.

All the responses will be reviewed by our DR Team and we’ll compile a list of no less than 10 all encompassing principles.

People constantly say we need change but seldom say what that change entails. Let’s start setting our goals and developing a common groundwork.

This is the first step of many. But also the most important.

Your country thanks you.

At some point today, try to take a second and look around you. Wherever you may find yourself: a crowded supermarket, a bus bouncing down the street, the heart of downtown, the middle of a field; look around you. Look around you and say “This is all mine.” Repeat it as many times as it takes for you to realize that this beautiful, turmoiled, exotic, divided, outstanding, disenfranchised, great country is yours. It’s ours. We are all owners, all Kings and Queens in our royal realms.

Now, as a King or Queen, look at the country before you realistically. The people that follow you, your countrymen, your family, your children, your parents and remember your responsibility to them all. We have a responsibility to our parents, elders and ancestors, to make them proud and push this country further than they did. A responsibility to our children to leave them with more than we were left with, so that they too can continue in this legacy of progress. We have a responsibility to every other Kenyan, African and fellow citizen of the world to help them in their journey forward because the momentum of a crowd is greater than that of a person.

We owe it to ourselves to remain proud, peaceful and progressive.

We owe it to each other.

So what do you as a Kenyan want?

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18 thoughts on “The Kenya We Deserve

  1. What we need is a proactive society, what we need is parents to stop teaching their children corruption is ok! What we need is a government that does not sell our country to foreigners like its doing nowadays for kidogo money, Somalis, whites, Indians and now Chinese are buying up our country while indegenous Kenyans are looked over. Its like Kenya is ours only in paper and principle but in reality that a different story.

    We have let our government control us for so long and its time we put a stop to it, we need to fight for whats ours, if not we will end up in trouble like Nigeria and South Africa.

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  3. Kenyans need to remember that we are all brothers and sisters sharing the same blood.
    We need to remember that whatever you do to your brother will come to haunt you.
    We need to vote for leaders who will actually bring change (unfortunately the ones who can bring change are not standing for any positions); we need to stop recycling the same old people same old ethics in government. all thats needed is each and every person to say ENOUGH!

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  5. Kenya needs every person who reads this to be excellent in their sphere of influence. I’m thinking butterfly effect. It’s amazing just how much small changes contribute to a huge long term effect in the system! Case in point: tsunamis!

    We all have a role. If I don’t do my part then no one will. Yours could be the butterfly wings in Brazil that set off the tornado in Texas…

    And just a thought… the effect is two way. It could be positive or negative

  6. What we need is to leadership. We need to vote for leaders, not populists and politicians who have no vision for the everyday Kenyan. We need leaders who will lead us away from the apathy towards corruption, injustice and poor governance. Leaders of good moral standing who hold values that every Kenyan can hold true and embody. A leadership that will act as a unifying factor. And don’t anyone tell me that this is not possible! That’s what i want for MY Kenya.

  7. What we need is leadership. We need to vote for leaders, not tribal populists and politicians who have no vision for the everyday Kenyan. We need leaders who will lead us away from the apathy towards corruption, injustice and poor governance. Leaders of good moral standing who hold values that every Kenyan can hold true and embody. A leadership that will act as a unifying factor. And don’t anyone tell me that this is not possible! That’s what i want for MY Kenya.

  8. Before we even start answering the question about the Kenya we deserve, the first thing each of us should do individually is stand in front of a mirror and look shamefully at our reflection and take full responsibility for our individual and collective gross negligence.

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves for not taking our personal and civic responsibilities seriously and it’s disengenuous to expect that we can change anything if we don’t acknowledge and take responsibility for our part in pressing the self destruct button.

    Once we’ve done that, we can’t do any worse than starting by voting responsibly and not on myopic tribal lines.

  9. Kenyans need affordable and accessible quality healthcare EVERYWHERE. I need to know that when my elderly parents are unwell they will get the right treatment at their Provincial General Hospital, without having to travel to Nairobi, in a state of ailing health, to receive quality basic healthcare.

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  12. im not proud to be a kenyan coz kenya is not proud of me as its citizen and rights,law and police enforcements towards the innocent and the sects controlling and harrassing the women and children ,
    we need to be realistic and honesty,stop tribalsim,fair distribution of resourses.
    low taxes on food and basik needs….
    our leaders are vampiers and blood sucking creatures. ANY ONE WHO CARES FOR UNITY AND CARE 4 BLACK IN AFRIKA WRITE TO ME

  13. I love my country,May God promote peace in thi lovely country.Thank you for all those who contributed tp fright for independence,love you all.



  14. corruption has eroded away the good days when H.E jommo kenyatta lead us in a hollistic way. i mean look at how bad the kenyan team is doing back in Tanzania.please let the people in power do something because in the future we are yet to witness what happened about a year ago.thank you for god and my country

  15. A year plus later…

    We need to stop thinking “me” or “my tribe” and start thinking “us”. Stop thinking “it’s our rulers” and start saying “we determine our leaders, let’s get it right this time”. We need to stop “tunaomba serikali”-ing and start doing things for ourselves, and to show serikali that we are much more than they try to make us. Kenyans for Kenya and the Sinai effort was a good start, but it shouldn’t just be a start. It should be a start with a continuance.

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