Facts About Babies

Ok, this is just a random post to kick of your Monday.

I had a ton of baby pics that I needed to delete off my computer(long story), so I began compiling this. It was inspired by all my friends suddenly deciding to get married and subsequently spawn urchins. Has anybody else experienced a sudden surge in wedding and baby shower invites? Tell me it’s not just me…

Well, without naming names, congratulations to you all and salutations to all other newly weds and new parents….and fanatics of funny baby pictures. Without further ado.

Babies are not food

Do Not Put them in your Sandwich

Furthermore, babies are not microwaveable.

We wouldn’t suggest grilling them either.

They do however like to be fed…

Snakes are not dangerous. Babies are.

Babies drive better than you.

Babies have killer instincts.

Babies exercise regularly.

That’s why they’re buff

Also why they are Rockstars!

Enjoy your week.

9 thoughts on “Facts About Babies

  1. Lol, You are not alone. For me bridal and baby showere seem to be the order of the day. My friends keep talking about swelling feet or crying babies at the middle of the night while I talk about a baby(no longer a baby) who writes on everything and with everything, Including lipstick! Yikes go figure!

    • lol @ ur baby. Artistic kid, aint (s)he?
      Yeah, i have 2 friends due around the same time. 2 friends getting married that same month(not to each other. separate) a few other miscellaneous here and theres and I actually have a weekend where i need to decide which wedding i’m going to go to as there is a clash..

      • Yes she is. I have two of my friend(Wll one is my cousin the other is my friend) getting married in June,l same date, both need a flower girl, both want may baby! What to do?

  2. Lol! Funny pics. And no, you’re not alone. I’ve attended many bridal showers and consequently weddings this past months to keep track.! I’m wondering where i was when the apparent memo was being dished out. 🙂

  3. pics 1-8: Uber Parenting fail!
    pics 9 & 10: Cosign! As soon as my unborn baby learns to crawl, I’m giving him/her a full set of weights!
    pic 11: classic!!

    PS: Nice touch on your Godfather avatar, iCon! Too fresh.

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