Do you think I’m sexy?

Well – not me specifically. I mean generally.

I was walking past Tuskys the other day and I saw a little girl begging with her mother and baby sister. She must have been nine or ten years old, and even though she wasn’t very clean, I could see that she was very pretty. Her face had character, and there was a strength and intensity in her eyes. Total X-factor that one.

I don’t know if I’d recognise her if I met her again, but I couldn’t help thinking that in a few years time, some pimp would do her some serious damage.

I wondered what inspired that train of thought. After all, she’s just a pretty face, right? What is it exactly about a person that draws a below-the-belt reaction?

Sexiness is an attitude, no doubt, so the Plainest Jane and the Ugliest Tom can be sexy if they walk and talk right. Or if they show a lot of skin. Or have a lot of money. Sexy for me is brains, that’s why I go for nerds.

But what about everyone else? Essentially, sex drive should be determined by the tools – which pretty much everyone has. So I sometimes wonder what makes one mate more worthy than another at the physical level.

Indigenous men like booty. I’ve no clue why, since, really, the rear end has little to do with the act, except for gay men. Westerners seem to prefer legs and rib-cage padding. Again, I’ve no clue why. Both body parts are soft, paired, and spongy, so perhaps that  gets the juices flowing, beats me. I’ve heard theories that hips imply child-bearing, while chests refer to child-feeding, so maybe it’s all about subconscious procreation.

Third-worlders enjoy hourglass coke-bottle figures. Perhaps the healthy curves imply food, and that may be the angle. Westerners generally prefer their women slim. Could it be some kind of anti-obesity hormone?

What about the guys who like legs? Could it mean they enjoy the chase, so they’re turned on by a girl that can run? And the lure of the petite is standard – when a girl is that small, even Napoleon feels big and strong.

The pretty face, I suppose, is a trophy, a possession that makes other men stare and thus raises a man’s status in life, but I can’t think how that involves sex. It’s all very confusing.

Girls are much, much simpler. We like a tall man with broad shoulders, because he’s towering and protective. And a washboard stomach just looks good. Talk about tempted to touch!

I think narrow hips imply smooth entry, you know, because they’re so narrow, but I wouldn’t know. I personally prefer a boy with a bum.

Beyond that, there’s the mistaken illusion that shoe size implies girth. I hear that whole long monkey short tail thing holds credence, though I could be wrong. And anyway, it’s all in what you do with it.

Still, I’m wondering how the way a person looks would affect their luck in the bedroom. I mean, don’t we all just need a broomstick and a … place to put the broomstick in?

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4 thoughts on “Do you think I’m sexy?

  1. LOL @Broomstick.

    That [broomstick] is a Paula Kahumbu trademark 😉 I picked the word from her 🙂

    The whole size of feet‚ size of pants is a certifiable myth but there are people who still believe in it…havent the foggiest why.

    Anyhoo‚ sexiness is more than jut physical features. Sure its the first thing but as you said‚ the ugliest and prettiest could be sexy or not depending on how they carry themselves. He may be tall‚ dark and handsome but if his personality is as charming as frog warts then he’s not sexy or desireable anymore.

    And as for preferences‚ its what people have grown up with and conditioned to believe is sexy. If they venture to try something different‚ they may prefer to like that instead 🙂

  2. There’s only one possible answer to your title question: It depends.

    As a guy, I’m not even sure I’d be able to give a definite answer if I’m asked whether I’m a “breasts man” or an “Ass man”? I’m a grown ass man, that’s what I am!

    Beauty and indeed sex appeal will always be in eye of the beholder.

    True. But we all agree that Megan Fox and/or Shemar Moore [tick as appropriate] are hot … and even girls go for Halle Berry. So there must be some inbuilt standard that we’re not consciously aware of …

  3. CB, its all relative like Mr.NV said. I guess you’ll never really know if he/she really thinks you’re sexy because men and women are equally able to tell you the truth as much as they’re able to lie to you.

    there’s something in the eyes though. I mean, there’s this look guys get sometimes that just screams ‘you, me, bedroom, now’ … it can be flattering or revolting depending on where, when, and who is ‘saying’ it … and girls can do it too 😉

    Ironically our self-esteem and our pride as human beings requires us to know that we’re sexy for ourselves without having to rely on external validation. But then our egos (both male and female) are constantly looking for validation from our friends, lovers and strangers that we are actually as sexy as we feel or imagine ourselves to be.

    It’s all one big never-ending cycle.

    True dat


  4. your opinion is true to some people.however few are the standards of sexiness that cuts across the board.As a man I look for lazy eyes, crinkly-eyed smiles,a flawless skin and well toned thighs but that just me.

    different strokes, pun attempted 🙂

    Another will look at other things.An interesting read

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