Stupid children!

I heard on X-fm that those stupid children want to riot again. Nkt.

A little background.

A few weeks ago, campaigns began for student elections. I pass through Chiromo every day, so I noted all the posters of unreasonably attractive boys … and girls.

Come election day, I heard a lot of noise outside – the office is quite close to the campus. I made sure to leave early that day.

The next three days were filled with riots by those stupid children. They torched cars, broke windows, did the usual random nonsense. In response, the government banned SONU, the students union.

Because of the ban, the students staged a peaceful protest which was anything but peaceful. The government and administration of UoN then closed the university indefinitely.

Next day, the former SONU Chairman – Osiany – gave the government an ultimatum of 2 weeks to reopen the university, otherwise the students would ‘take to the streets’.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? The children were sent home because of what? Rioting. And to resolve this problem, he is threatening what? More riots.

Somebody needs to find that idiot child and spank him.

These are supposed to be the brains of the country. They’re students who qualified by national selection, and should be smarter than the average idiot. So why they riot is beyond me.

And in this case, they have no real reason to riot. They are upset about their elections, which were a result of their miscounted votes. Their disgruntlement has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s all their doing.

I was so annoyed when I heard one of the student leaders on radio saying how the have support from the public. I, for one, will not support idiot children who break windows, stone people and torch cars.

When I saw the clip of burnt car shells at YMCA, I was furious. Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up to see your ride in ashes; the ride you worked so hard to get. I just hope the owners had good insurance.

These idiot children need to think properly. What nerve, threatening to strike again. I mean, they’re going to hold the government ransom with public safety? Seriously? Isn’t it enough that we have to pay for the damages? I watched some repairmen, and before they can replace broken panes, they have to shatter the remaining glass completely. So much waste!

The saddest part is that it’s not all students. They were some fourth year law students at Parklands that were weeks away from finishing school, and were certainly not causing chaos. Medical students couldn’t be bothered.

Most kids on campus were just trying to get home in one piece. Now they’re all being lumped together – idiot children fro UoN who strike at the tiniest thing. It’s messed their reputation, and will likely affect their job prospects. Would you want to hire a BA in Stone Throwing?

The protests – and the closure – have affected other things too. Lots of affiliate businesses have been closed. All the food joints, restaurants. Mpesa outlets and scracth card kiosks have shut down, which denies all the vendors income – indefinitely.

I’m peeved for one other reason. Every day, I walk under the bridge and through Chiromo to get to the office. Now, with campus shortcuts closed, I have to go along Riverside drive, down Waiyaki way and past the Museum and National Theatre to get to town. That’s far!! The alternative is to use a matatu, which isn’t always the best thing.

Idiot children.

For more information on 3CB, click here.’

3 thoughts on “Stupid children!

  1. Isn’t that what passes for civil discourse in Kenya? Evidently, any disagreement is an excuse for violence. You don’t even really need a disagreement per se, indigestion is probably a reason to mete out violence upon someone.

    Kenyans are disturbingly violent and dare I say it irrational. We do not know how to have civil disagreement starting int he home where most parents could not fathom disagreement (disobedience) by their children no matter how reasonable the reasons the child gave. Followed by our blind obedience to our church and political leaders, we seldom have meaningful and honest disagreements. When people then have conflict, since discussion is out of the question, moronic violence follows- at anyone?

    Wives beat their kids because the husband mistreated them, UoN idiots lash out at the public because they disagree with each other, wananchi lash out at each other because their shitty leaders cheated them. We are indeed a brilliant nation…… my heart bleeds.

    must be time for change. i just hope we can

  2. Ya my medskul pals are not pleased at all!!! This story got me so bemused i didnt even know how to react. a whole university campus shut down indefinitely in 2010 because of disputed student elections. where are our priorities bana

    i wish i had solutions to back up my rant :-/

  3. I don’t understand why these student leaders aren’t kicked out of campus? Why are they not expelled??? Alternatively they could just abolish the Student Union and start a new one… lead by students rather than the “mafioso”

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