I Guess This is Hate-Speech….

Any politician currently in a government office that is not spending all their time and effort to permanently eradicate corruption is a complete waste of oxygen.

F The Government

Oh, hello there reader. I was just talking about how much I disliked and lacked respect for all those elected and nominated officials who’d much rather make their pockets than their country grow – you know, pretty much all of them. The same ones, ironically, concerned with “hate speech”.

Damn The Man

I’m not going to pretend like I’m some legal demi-god know-it-all – like misterNV, esq. But I asked around before writing this. Supposedly, it is not hate-speech to utter your opinion. Even in a public forum. But, once you not only contort facts but incite violence and things of that nature, then you’re liable to be arrested and such. Which is cool with me. Hey, liars pants are meant to be set on fire, are they not?

But here’s what I wonder. If our little blog/site/thingy told our thousands of readers the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – about how disenfranchised they really were, and that translated into revolution – real revolution – would we be charged with hate-speech?

Viva La Revolucion

Are we not allowed to speak out for what we believe in and fight for our own rights? If I’m lying prove me wrong. But to arrest me and charge me…well, now you’re opening a Pandora’s box Hercules couldn’t close.

The problem with this approach, like many other of the government’s approaches is that the power is taken away from the people. Such that the government decides what is inciteful, or inflammatory, or – more scarily – true. And it’s not that we don’t trust our government, it’s just that…oh, wait. WE DON’T.

Like I said earlier, 99.9999% of them: idiots, liars, incompetent greedy sloths that probably should f**k theirselves and die like David Carradine knot their ties on a door knob and sit down on the floor very quickly.

...it's called a 'prison suicide'

Yeah, like that.

Now is that hate-speech?

6 thoughts on “I Guess This is Hate-Speech….

  1. No man, we choose who we want to like or love.

    But if I hate certain politicians and public officials I’d say it to their faces. “I HATE YOU GUYS!!!”

    Did that incite anyone?

  2. I have a rule – It is hate-speech if Ruto utters it. Even a ‘good morning’ from him would be suspect.

    My biases aside, gava has perfected the art of muzzling wananchi to the point most Kenyans don’t even try to speak out- hence the current state of affairs.

    That said, there are legitimate times when almost all of these useless bastards in power utter hate-speech and make incendiary comments about practically everything and everyone they disagree with- hence PEV and Kenya today. That should be prosecuted.

    I loathe our ‘leaders’

  3. Oh yes I agree about the corruption of our politicians and our government. My brother is sitting in jail right now accused of all kinds of white collar crimes that were not committed. They are on a mission to destroy him. It is a witch hunt.

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