The Following Religious Leaders DO NOT Represent My Stand On The Proposed Constitution

So “the church” is against the proposed constitution with religious leaders rallying masses to reject the same. While I am up to date with all “the church’s” campaigns (the good, bad and ugly), I am quite angered by a number of things:

  1. I worship (not belong to or subscribe to) a certain “church,” by virtue of my relationship with God and will proudly vote YES in support of the proposed constitutions. Question is do I stop being a part of “the church” because “the church” is against the new document?
  2. Who gave “the church” moral/religious/constitutional authority to represent my views regarding the draft?
  3. Who gave “the church” the right to interpret the proposed constitutions for me?
  4. Why should I care that that “the church” has read the said document?
  5. When did “the church” decide to take up my decision making right (the very essence of my liberty) without my consent?
  6. And lastly, who the fuck is “the church?” and who does he/she/ it/ think they are?

Mass Thinking

So I watch TV with a large degree of anger, like really pissed off mad, and I see some “church” leaders rallying masses, asking them to reject the proposed draft. It’s all good and very much allowed, but I’d kindly urge these religious clusters to disassociate themselves from me and my decision making abilities. I think this mob of “church leaders” needs to come out very clearly and say something like:

“I, Bishop, disHonorable MP, Asst. Minister Margret Wanjiru, hearby declare ‘MY rejection to the proposed constitution as published by the Government of Kenya”


“I Apostle JM Ng’ang’a hereby declare that my church, specified as Neno Evangelism, opposes the proposed constitution and will vote NO in the forthcoming referendum. This stand does not in anyway represent the stand of other individuals, religious groups, churches or organizations in the country.

Now that sounds better! That could also save my life and probably maintain a semblance of peace in this country.

And The Nominations for Cheerleaders “Church-Leaders”-I-Wish-Not-To-Be-Associated-With-Ever Are…,

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru: Former black/red magician, turned pastor and later bishop. Shunned jigger infested former lover/husband for SA fiancee. Joined politics but then found to have rigged her way into Parliament. Even after such a heinous act, how this woman thinks her opinion counts as to which way I should vote on the Proposed Constitution is just absolutely annoying. How she still stands at the pulpit of Jesus Is Alive Ministries after all that shame, without even the slightest apology to Kenyans or the constituents she wronged is just.., just.., God are u reading this?

Archbishop Gilbert Deya of the miracle babies saga, pseudo child trafficking ponzi scheme. He said you couldn’t prove pregnancy with an ultra sound or other conventional methods because God’s ways are not our ways, but Scotland Yard isn’t buying that religious clap trap.

Pastor Joseph Hellon: You all know this guy.., and the other two musketeers, Esther Arunga(aka Esther Adongo Timberlake) and Fizzledog Timberlake. Hellon says he’ll be your president come 2013 by the way, so watch out for that, oh you highly educated voter.

Apostle JM Ng’ang’a: This one is the mother of all televangelism drama. Watching him, you’d think you’re watching a scene from The Exorcist. He makes me wonder what happened to good old preaching, sharing the word. Then I remember, very few of these guys went to theology school? Well, you’ll recall Ng’ang’a for his ban on trousers and short tight skirts in his church, Neno Evangelism. Oh.,. and during the fatal rally at Uhuru Park, he went ahead to curse (not bless) but curse those behind the bombing.

Brother Paul Kamlesh Patnii: Of the Goldenberg saga and certain dealings with the powers that were, turned church leader and televangelist. His name still comes up in various sagas that our journalists unravel. We haven’t heard the last of this brother yet. So wear your sunglasses and stay tuned.

Pastor Pius Muiru: First, dude should change his church’s name from Kuna Nuru Gizani to Kuna Kelele Mtaani. The amount of noise he makes along Tom Mboya Street is enough to make him a tourist attraction, if not a NEMA problem. So his youth group won a Kora Award.., yeeii!!! and his accent moves makes the crowds go weak in the knees. You’ll remember he tried to run for president in 2007 and settled for number never.

Your list is probably longer than mine, but I only had enough energy to note down these cheerleaders. Perhaps I should be faulted for judging them and others like them, but if these guys have the nerve to have a solid opinion on the proposed constitution, then I have an opinion about them as well. And like Mahatma Gandhi said:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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24 thoughts on “The Following Religious Leaders DO NOT Represent My Stand On The Proposed Constitution

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better, these idiots have gotten on my last nerve, I can’t even watch news anymore..any chance I do I get so pissed off I want to throw my TV against the wall and that ain’t nice.

    • I used to think Politicians could be piss me off, until religious leaders decided to be politicians.

      These “church folks” don’t know how much they make the political class look good right now.., the devil we’ve always known just got pimped, for free 🙂

    • Yup.., if they thought they are the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees the public cannot speak against, then they should think again.

  2. *Wild Applause*

    Really. I have nothing else to add to this piece. Especially since the very same “church” were at the forefront advocation for “constitutional reform”. Or maybe they confuse it with constipation…

    • Bottom line Bugz.., I ain’t listening to some yahoos. And the world will not end because of two clauses in a constitution. Those guys should realize that they have bigger fish to catch.

      • There are never bigger fish to fry. These religious nuttery is the same brand that has afflicted the religious right in the US and now exported to us.

        Everything you don’t like is pro-abortion, pro-gay or better still pro-Muslim which is about the worst thing ever. No reason or logic required!

        Then you add to that Kenyans love of having some other person tell them what to think – parent, teacher, politician, tribal warmonger, pastor- and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

        BTW, I’m probably just a dumb heretic but why the hell were they praying for the attack victims instead of taking them to the hospital?

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  4. Where were these so-called “church leaders”/”religious leaders” when Kenya was at the brink of genocide in 2007/2008?
    This what I keep asking myself.

    Sad state of affairs indeed. I fully identify with your frustration, Nittzsah.

  5. dude , your pretty irrational, the diatribe against the church leaders reveals your deep seated bias against their freedom to take a stand… thats different from yours, so instead say, i diasporadical/tom/dick/harry will vote yes, not tell them to not rally their fellow believers, which by the few pieces of writings i’v read here , your definitely not.

    • Just to clarify, I didn’t write this piece. We’re about 6 writers on the team, each with their “freedom to take a stand”, to quote you.

      That said. I’d very much like to know what your stand is, Mike.
      It’s easy to pop up in a forum and start judging people(ironically enough, for “judging” people) but what’s your stand? What’s your view? I, and I’m sure we all, would be interested to hear.

      My personal view is that I’m against ANYBODY trying to tell ANYBODY ELSE what to think/feel about the constitution. Be they politicians, lobbyists, religious folk, yada yada. I’m all for educating the masses, but it’s safe to say that most of the people out their yapping are doing more brainwashing and braindraining than brain training. I’m all for freedom of speech and opinion, and in fact, this is why I believe all people should be allowed their freedoms; to ask questions and be given answers and develop their own opinions.

      • Amen

        Why do our fellow citizens attack anyone that dares to think or say differently from them?

        The church and it’s leaders in Kenya are a large part of what is wrong with Kenya. They seldom apply biblical teaching to their lives or speech and are as tribalist, corrupt and polarising as the people they pretend to guide. Ergo, they should get their house in order – literally and figurativly- and stop trying to control what people think.

        Tell me what God says about things but let me use my God-given brains and power of discernment to come to a conclusion. We’re not all idiots.

      • Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.

        I’m the one that wrote that post and (drum roll please)



        That said, I need to correct your misinterpretation on my post:

        1. I do NOT have a bias against the church’s freedom to take a stand. I did not condemn their stand. If you can read the title to this post over and over again, it says that the church does not represent MY stand on the Proposed Constitution (irrespective of whether I am part “a church” or not. I don’t have to be associated with them just because they wear white robes with a gold ring hovering above their heads and have a Bible stuck to their palms. Let no one under the sun even imagine they speak for me. I speak for MYSELF. Understood?

        2. I did not hint in any way that they should not rally their believers.

        This is what I wrote: (Can’t believe I’m doing this for you Ctrl + Alt + V)

        “So I watch TV with a large degree of anger, like really pissed off mad, and I see some “church” leaders rallying masses, asking them to reject the proposed draft. IT’S ALL GOOD AND VERY MUCH ALLOWED, but I’d kindly urge these religious clusters to disassociate themselves from MR and MY decision making abilities.”

        If you can’t get it in caps dude, I’m not sure how else I can be of help to your comprehension skills. But thanks for reading 😦

      • “That said. I’d very much like to know what your stand is, Mike.”
        its a definite NO!, thanks for asking :), judging people? read the list of six things that angered the author, its pretty much what i called it.

        “My personal view is that I’m against ANYBODY trying to tell ANYBODY ELSE what to think/feel ”
        are you sure? what makes you recognize that you need to give others freedom to choose? i personally believe that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights, that’s why, anyhow if you bothered to read my post the unnecessary diatribe was what i pointed out.

        “but it’s safe to say that most of the people out their yapping are doing more brainwashing and braindraining than brain training” well i agree, have you bothered to do anything about that? i pointed out the writers extreme and unhelpful characterization of the “NO” proponents , his piece would easily qualify as argumentum ad hominem.

        emotion is inside the person feeling it, it cannot jump out and make the world better suddenly,
        this comment was completely unnecessary
        “So I watch TV with a large degree of anger, like really pissed off mad” he should be logical not reactionary, they do have the right to take that stand after all.

      • I’ll briefly answer your questions because it seems I have free time before my next meeting.
        1. How do I know what my personal view is? Because I….think. Cogito ergo sum.
        2. What have I done to stop the brain draining? Practiced what I preached and allowed everyone to do/say what they feel without compromising my own view/stance.
        Finally, the difference between judging and replying is that a reply would be something like what I’m doing now. Where you say one thing, and I retort with my thoughts on that one thing. Then we have a conversation

        Judging is when you take an opinion piece and spend more time giving it classifications, adjectives and critiques than illustrating your own view. i,e. the only thing you’ve said about your view is that it’s a “definite no”. Not sure how that falls in to the topic of Religious leaders propagating their opinions. I guess it means that you’re against it…or for it. But it’s a definite “NO!”
        But as far as your judgment we know that you think the writer is “irrational”, illogical, obtuse, has a vendetta against God/religion….amongst a plethora of other colorful denotations gracefully bestowed upon Nittszah in a very “reactionary” fashion. You then proceed to take out segments and chunks and say what you think about them, but not the issue.

        …which I guess counts as a judgment/assessment, more than a…reply?

        I'm not going to reply. Something about fools arguing from a distance.

        It would be nice if we could get back on topic. The stone throwing makes the arms sore.

  6. to nittzsah,
    well it seems you beast here wont allow more than two nested levels of “reply” but i will reply anyhow .the previous one is for ICon, sorry i did not specify.

    first, yes im happy that you went ahead to take my advice , are we good?
    so ill reply to your post
    “I did not condemn their stand” ,maybe (a big maybe) , but your diatribe does go ahead to characterize them in a really bad light, and throwing in a discredited fellow or two, so whose to say you are not venting because their stand is not along lines favorable to you? so i would ask what then were you condemning with the ill-meaning illustrations? them? or their stand? no one is perfect, they as leaders sin, so who does not? its interesting you noted that some would think your being judgmental toward the end of your post, but you topped thing of by making a very revealing statement, it actually shows that your taking this stuff personally:
    –“…but if these guys have the nerve to have a solid opinion on the proposed constitution, then I have an opinion about them as well”

    granted everyone has a right to have an opinion about whatever they may, but yours seems to be pegged on the fact that they have the nerve to disagree with you, which is really sad.

  7. I was happy to see bishop Timothy njoya go on record to distance himself from the “Religious” no campaign,
    he went ahead to clarify; this is what Kenay has been fighting for, ever since independence, now we have a chance to make things right and then what!
    Everybodies choice should be impartial, and not what the church or rather the church leaders are trying to make of us!
    Its is very wrong for church leaders to meet somewhere and make there own decisions and impose it on the congregation.
    If church leaders agree…..let it be very clear….”we the church leaders have agreed… and not ” we the church have agreed….”
    I believe the church has its own duty and so do the politians.

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