Kaka’s Red Card Vs. Fabiano’s Handball


What could’ve been one of the best games in the World Cup thus far turned into a sloppy display of wasted talent, false sportsmanship and bad officiating.

At the beginning of the match, I was supporting Les Elephants but by the end of it, I couldn’t decide who I hated more between them and the referee. I’ve made no secret of my disgust with them or the game. But it’s really hard to tell when exactly it all began to go wrong.

I think it all started with Brazil scoring. To be perfectly fair, it was no secret that Brazil was going to hit the back of the net, the question was really “How many times?” Anyhow, as soon as the first goal went in, everybody began going crazy. The vuvuzelas got louder and the antics hit hyperdrive. And that’s where the sh** and the fan collided.

Most of it really boils down to the referee. Ah, the French are really going for gusto this time around, aren’t they?

There were many silly little calls the officials missed that many people chose to ignore; giving goal kicks instead of corner kicks, an offside call or two, a few missed fouls and so on. But nothing nearly as damaging as the following two incidents.

Hand of God: Edición Brasiliano
And there's a flying Ivorian in the background too
Let’s be clear; handballs happen. A lot. And generally, it’s at the discretion of the officials to blow the whistle on what is a handball that interferes or impacts the game wrongfully. For the player, you do what the coach says “Keep playing until you hear a whistle.” So I don’t fault Fabiano for it. But that ref has to seriously get his life together. Fab ‘handled’ the ball several times. And he wasn’t alone. And it was never called. In fact, I don’t think any handball in this game was called. At all. And the wink/smile thing after letting that slide was really just in bad form. I’m quite surprised that the ref is still alive. And to some degree I understand the anger and angst on the field….which ultimately led to this.

Wink and a smile, yo? What are you, dating?

Kaka Red Card
After letting so many Brazilian players get cleated in the shins with no card and some times no free kick, Monseiur LeReferee turns around and unleashes the Red demon on Kaka.

Kaka Red Card

And for what exactly?

For bumping into a guy in a contact sport? Or for good acting? Even if Kaka was a master of Jujitsu and had indeed performed some sneak attack to which we were not privvy(in spite of HD Videography), there was no possible way the referee could have seen it seeing as he was facing the opposite direction when it happened.
And even with the replay which essentially showed the two players bumping into each other gently and then one falling to the ground as though he’d caught a cleat in it, there was zero justification -outside of theatrics – to dish out that card.
Kaka Cote D'ivoire

To be quite honest the yellow was a little awkward too. There had been way more flagrant attacks on players by both teams in less deserving contexts. But at least that made some sense and could be justified.

However personally, I’m disappointed in Côte d’Ivoire
Not to say that the Samba Boys are completely innocent; hardly. But they have not and will not be my concern this tournament. I’ve never 100% been a fan of Brazil. I think they have a strong squad and I’d like to visit the place, but that’s where it begins and ends. Côte d’Ivoire however had my support from the word “go”. I even said Father’s Day prayers for them. But again, like they did with Portugal, they played dirty. Very dirty.

And that’s not football I can see myself supporting.

African or not.

6 thoughts on “Kaka’s Red Card Vs. Fabiano’s Handball

  1. For me it all boils down to the “culture” that exists in soccer, the extreme embellishment of it all, its disgusting…and the refs keep on buying it every time. Its just…. bitchmade.

  2. Domino effect. The handball goal created unnecessary tension throughout the game and Kaka’s send-off was pretty much the climax. Au revoir Cote D’Ivoire..

  3. Looking at the clip on that second goal by Fabiano, the action happens so fast (Less than 20 seconds). Watching it on telly one exclaims “What spectacular a goal!” till you watch the replays from 3 different angles for you to notice there was a handball or two.

    The action is so fast that on first view you cant tell there was a hand ball. There are 4 match officials on regular communication during a match and when the main official aint sure of something, he relies on the other three to make a decision. Whether allowing the goal was deliberate, it remains a speculation. The referees too have to make a decision based on what they have seen and not speculation.

    I have read lots of posts people demonizing Brazil for the goal but to me its as unfair as the goal itself.

    I also wonder why the Ivorian’s didnt protest much about the goal even in the press after the game.

    People say that the goal changed the game completely as Ivorian’s had hopes for equalizing before the goal. Again, speculative. A game cannot be judged by what ifs. A game is judged tactically rather than what might, what could haves and so on.

    Did Ivory stand a chance? Speculative!

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