When “No” Really Means ‘No!’: South African Invents Crime-Fighting Condom

Apart from the World Cup (which I believe you’re all following willfully or not), there’s another piece of news that came out of South Africa this past day. That news would be the invention of a new controversial product called the Anti-Rape Female Condom brought to you by the good folks over at Rape-aXe.

I can just see it now:

[A rape case in court, the rape victim takes the stand for cross-examination]

Victim: “I was raped.”

Defense lawyer: “Well…were you wearing spikes inside your vagina?”

Victim: “No”

Defense lawyer: “Yes… clearly if you weren’t wearing your spikes you must have wanted it.”


And so I ask myself: firstly, how is this thing “Anti-rape” if you have to be raped for it to work?
Secondly, Why is it AGAIN the victim’s responsibility to prevent rape rather than society’s?!

Over to you esteemed DR readers, what are your thoughts on the condom with teeth?

13 thoughts on “When “No” Really Means ‘No!’: South African Invents Crime-Fighting Condom

  1. I forsee someone not being raped ‘to completion’ but perhaps killed after that sucker clamps on some SOB’s unit.

      • Oops, I should have thought that one through.

        In my defence, it does require one to be raped for it to be effective… just not too much mwenjoyo on the offenders part. i.e no finale….

        Oh Lordy, let me stop already.

  2. Well, Its a good concept but the cons outweigh the pros:

    1. Wearing a Rape-Axe all day everyday? Thats damn expensive by any standards.

    2. Its potential to cause accidental injuries – imagine a scenario where someone forgot her Rape-Axe and engages in consensual sex.

    3. It could be used as a weapon lol causing intentional injuries by malicious persons.

    Hmmm.. I think I’ll stick to my homemade pepper spray and kung fu skills (kick-him-in-the-nuts fu) atleast for now.

  3. Ok.., wait.., ummhh… when did rape find a new definition and become ejaculation?

    Or to put it more simply is it not sex even when you don’t use a rubber?

    I say bullshit!! I’d stick a gun up a niggers throat if he even tried to tap my shoulder.

  4. I’m glad someone in SA is trying to find proactive solutions to their lower their insane rape statistics.

    But like the post says, will the victim’s failure to wear the condom hurt their rape trial?

    Also, is it healthy for someone to wear a condom for that long?

    • I can only assume that the person that’ll be doing the real screaming NO is the dude whose johnson gets munched by this vagina piranha.. Thus, women who wear this thing have pretty much given up fighting off men and would rather lay a trap for them instead..

      Don’t read too much into the title.. it was a spur of the moment thing 🙂

      PS: It’s been how long? get an avatar already!

  5. I applaud the thought. But I have a few questions of my own:

    1. If you wear it-were you expecting to be raped… why?

    2. If he gets hooked you run a large risk of losing your life… it’s not like we’re dealing with rational human beings here.

    3. If you tell him you’re wearing one… it can always be removed. (Can it?)

    4. Either way, rape occurs. So again… anti-rape?

    5. Let’s not even go into the health risks of constant use.

    6. And when exactly do we introduce our daughters to this concept…? Just thinking of the psychos who prey on kids in Kenya.

    But it could work… for example… ummm…in cases like… help?

    • I give up. MOst likely the victim loses their life or injured more because the irrational humans rapist are arent devoid of logic thats why they prey on the weaklings hence the woman runs the sisk of

      1) It being pulled of leaving her with internal virginal wound(ouch)
      2) Beiing beaten by the offender badly
      3) Being killed for having it

      Bottom line rape still occurs and the victim with more wounds

  6. Guaranteed to turn rape into murder. Congratulations inventor. Look for the family of the first woman to be murdered while wearing this product to sue the product inventor.

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