5 Reasons ‘The Boondocks’ is Still The Truth

A few quick disclaimers. If you’re not familiar with the Boondocks, this is probably not where you want to start. If you cannot tolerate profanity, you probably should mosey on along. And if for whatever reason you have a problem with afrocentric anime, brash opinions or cartoons for adults(not that kind) then there is another post scheduled to drop in 30 minutes or so that you could probably spend your time on. That said….

I’m a relatively huge Boondocks fan. Ever since I caught on to the comic strip in the early 2000’s, I’ve been hooked. To be perfectly frank, when the TV show first came around, I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about it. It seemed a lot less edgy and intellectual than the comics, so I only had a passing interest until I eventually warmed up to it. Now, as the last season comes to an end, many claim the show has lost its relevance. I enormously beg to differ. While there have been some missteps, there have also been moments of glorious dopeness. I’d like to take a second to highlight 5 of ’em.

5. “R.I.P. Bushido Brown” – Fight Scenes in Boondocks.

First off, Bushido existed before Makmende so don’t go there. Again. Secondly, I’m yet to see an urban show with more elaborate fight scenes than Boondocks, bar Afro Samurai(who was also around before Mak). It’s sad that Bushido had to die, but he tucked 2 seasons of badassness under his belt before he did. Including that fight scene with Huey. Damn.

4. “I’m a WARRIOR!” – The Story of Fleece Booty Johnson

For as much as I laughed at this character, he’s actually based on a real guy. As are most ridiculous characters in the Boondocks but this one in particular was hilarious to me. And that’s one thing you have to love about Aaron’s work; he takes real life events and puts it in a context where it becomes evident just how ludicrous it was to begin with.

3. “Jesus on our Team” – Boondocks vs. Tyler Perry

I’ve never been a Tyler fan. Matter of fact, his movies make me sicker than Twilight ever will. He preys on the minds of already victimized demographics and does so in the name of Jesus. Pardon my French, but that’s some b******t. Plus, that whole cross-dressing thing really needs to get addressed. (There’s a pun in there somewhere)

2. Dickriding Obama

It may not have been perfectly timely, but it needed to be said. Obamamania was retarded celebrity fueled mass hysteria. You know where I was when Obama won in 08? I was somewhere in between Georgia and Alabama deliberating on whether it was worth the time to cook food or whether I should go buy a burger. There was nobody in their cars on the road, so I opted for the burger and quickly got back to working. You know where everybody else was? Out in big cities, rioting, acting like damned fools. If an alien landed that day, he’d have thought “Dammit, I arrived on the day of the second coming.” People overreacted grossly to Obeezy’s victory and ignored the simple truths.

1. Riley’s Epic Speech (Uncensored)

The best thing about this past season of Boondocks was, without a doubt, watching Riley tell off these British thugs. Gold, I tell you. Comedic gold.

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons ‘The Boondocks’ is Still The Truth

  1. Gosh! I love Boondocks!! So Riley, in this scene, disses some British mobster and he’s like: ‘f*@ u, f*@k the plane u flew in on, f*@k yo gay ass accent, f*@k yo cheap ass cigars, f@*k yo cheap hair cut, f*@k Guy Ritchie, f*@k prince William and the queen.. Ths is America, my president iz black and ma lambo iz blue n*99a!!’

    Its just the Obamanation of Obama’s nation 🙂

  2. Love to see other Boondocks fans out there. As funny as it is, the jabs at the maniac silliness that we as society envelope ourselves in are necessary and relevant.

    Riley’s speech ranks top on my list too..I also have A Pimp Named Slickback’s “Homies over Hos” rant, loads of Uncle Ruckus’ anti-black diatribe and Colonel H. Stinkmeaner’s evil spirit possessing Tom Dubois on my Boondocks highlight reel 🙂

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