D-Cups, Cheaters & Phallic Shapes: 18 Surprising Facts About Sex

I’ve spent a rather fruitful afternoon reading Psychology Today, and I’d like to share their … findings, below.

  1. Evolutionary proof of female promiscuity can be found in men having large testicles and dome shaped phalluses. The large testes indicate a need to produce more sperm to compete with competing testes-owners. The tapered phallus and patterned thrusting movement is intended to scoop out semen from rival lovers. I’m not making this stuff up.
  2. Men like blonde women because blonde hair changes colour with age, hence it is easier to identify an old blonde woman from a younger one. Hair dye has resolved that, but the primal instinct remains.
  3. People like blue-eyed mates because their eye colour makes it easier to see when their pupils dilate, so it’s easy to tell if that dart has landed.
  4. Guys like the small waist because a small waist automatically means bigger hips, which equal easier childbirth.
  5. Scandinavian types are blonder because it’s so cold there, they have to cover all their nice parts in heavy clothing. They could only attract men by flossing their hair, so they evolved blonde.
  6. Men like girls with long hair because the growth indicates they’re more healthy over a longer period of time. Assuming short haired women hide bad hair by cutting it.
  7. Guys like D-cups because they sag more with age, so it’s easier to tell a large-chested woman’s age on sight.
  8. Also, large cup size indicates more ‘female’ hormones and fecundity.
  9. Humans are naturally polygamous because men are taller than women and … oh just go read for yourself.
  10. Industrialised societies are monogamous because genders have equal earning power.
  11. Polyandry is rare because it’s leads to extinction.
  12. Suicide bombers are mostly Muslim because of polygamy, age … mostly sex. [I swear, it wasn’t me that said this.]
  13. Having sons reduces divorce.
  14. Pretty women have more daughters.
  15. World conquest and genius is all about impressing women.
  16. Mid-life crisis in men is triggered by menopause in women.
  17. Sexual harassment is proof of gender equality.
  18. Monogamy is incest.

Go forth and discuss, I’m still too busy giggling and tsk tsking. Freud must be so proud.

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18 thoughts on “D-Cups, Cheaters & Phallic Shapes: 18 Surprising Facts About Sex

  1. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! Ati its easier to tell the age of someone because of the size of their breasts!! hahahah thats one of the most ridilous things I’ve ever read!:-D

  2. LOL can’t agree. But I thought blonds are typically stupid?

    I’ll make sure I marry a beautiful woman so that she gives me more daughters than sons.
    And BTW, who is likely to make twins: A woman with large breasts or a woman with a small waist, or both.

    I got a craving for twins none in my family has produced even a single set.

    • It might help if the girl has twins in her lineage. Or you could use fertility treatment, that often produces multiples … just be careful you don’t end up with eight 😉

  3. ‘you know there is something wrong with you when your breasts are bigger than your head.’


    Anyways, no. 6 confirms a theory I have that most men would pick a chick with a well-kept, neat looking weave over a an equally attractive-looking chick with short, short hair.
    As for you CB, I’m surprised not to find a single mention of ‘ribcage padding’..hehhehe..

  4. Incidentally,according to another research, blonde women ae not that damn,it is an assumption and on average make more than dark haired women of the same age

    • Few women are as dumb as they appear – blonde or otherwise. I think some just learn that it pays to act stupid. Interesting observation on blonde earning power though.

  5. I still need to know how one can father twins using fertility treatments. Neither my family nor my girl’s family has a set of twins.
    And any suggestive names for these treatments. Would like to give them a trial one of these fine days!

    • You should talk to a doctor about this, probably an Obs/Gynae. They can give you all the information you need, and they’re probably far more reliable than my google-wiki-based expertise 😉 Hope you get those twins!

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