Mourinho at Real Madrid: A Match Made in Heaven?

Call him brash, arrogant and cocky however with such impressive record successes almost seem more of an entitlement. This is the description that encapsulates the personality that is Jose Mourinho, and also the institution that Real Madrid has become in the football world.

Has there ever been a more obvious case of a coach and club being made for each other?

Madrid is known for not being nice, as a string of former employees from Del Bosque, Queiroz, Schuster and lately Pellegrini would testify. Perfection is the demand, and with a disappointing Champions League exit to Lyon and a fatal home defeat to Barcelona in the league.

Now Madrid have a coach that they believe fits their profile, and Mourinho has a new home in which to house his substantial ego. This is a club and a man both wrapped up in their own greatness and self-importance – and not without good reason. Real Madrid are the most successful club in the history of the European Cup and if Mourinho brings a tenth triumph to the club, he will become the first man to coach three different teams to the pinnacle of the European club game.

Mourinho certainly has the tools with which to construct a more adventurous approach. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, Kaka, among others, Real scored 102 league goals last season and amassed 96 points – a tally that would have smashed the Spanish record but for Barcelona going three better in a frankly ridiculous season.

Over to you soccer fans of DR, do you believe that Mourinho & Real Madrid is a ‘match made in heaven’, so to speak? Or will he simply end up becoming another in the long list of reputable managers who have coached at Madrid?

4 thoughts on “Mourinho at Real Madrid: A Match Made in Heaven?

  1. Real Madrid have always wanted a Lrger-Than-Life coach to keep up with the egos of their players. In Mourinho they have found the perfect man who also wants his ground to be paved with gold.

    All he now needs to do is deliver upon the 10th Big Ears to grace The Santiago Bernabeu and also hand them the La Liga and the Kings Cup.

    • He will definitely succeed at Real Madrid, even if not this season, next season. Chelsea never game him enough time to build a Champions league squad, while on the other hand Inter gave him two season and on the 3rd he finally delivered the “treble”. If he can manage to keep the likes of Seveilla, Barcelona and Valencia at bay he should have an easy time in Madrid. Only time will tell.

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