…And After We Vote,

Today, Kenyans are at the polls deciding just how we want our government to keep screwing us in future. Once this exercise is done, I urge all my fellow countrymen and women to remember one thing. The results that will be announced represent the views of a nation – your nation – and not of your nemesis.

For as long as we have done our part and actively decided whether and how to vote, then our voices have been heard and our job, at that level, has been done.

What is our job then from today forth?

To make this country as great as it can be. And surely that does not start with violence and unnecessary commotion.

Vote. Enjoy your day off. And after the wind blows, wake up proud that a country spoke and was heard.

– DiaspoRadicalâ„¢

4 thoughts on “…And After We Vote,

  1. We shall go out and continue living while we all do our part in making Kenya a great country. Of course, we have to take into account the new laws that will come into effect or simply stay with the same laws we have now.

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