Cute, Pretty or Sexy?

I was walking downtown trying to make my to campus the other day, I was really in somewhat a good mood as “King James” had finally declared that he would be joining “The Heat”. Then all of a sudden it hit me all the good looking females around town would be going to watch the games…..most of the times after the games me and my boys would be talking and the topic would range from various issues to “did you see that fine lady, sitting above or below us”. One observation that I had made since I started to drag myself to these games was the fact that no matter where you…man “All women are beautiful” considering the fact that I would never be caught watching B. ball in Nairobi.

Later on that night at some party this I happened to bump into some of my class mates from school, and so I told one of them damn girl you look cute, and brother was over them with the same look pretty, you look sexy…Then it got me thinking like why do we Men always like to use this three words you know Cute, Sexy or Pretty whenever they think. According to the drunks I was with a general consensus was reached on when describing women.


Generally speaking, when describing a woman as being “cute” there’s something youthful or playful about her. Maybe she dresses real casual in jeans and tee or keeps her hairstyle basic; whatever the case she gives off a vibe that’s more laidback than sophisticated. A lot of times petite and short women fall into this category for me, too. That’s not to say that cute is bad or anything because you have to be attractive to be cute, but there’s more of an urge to pinch her cheeks than her butt. Who’s “cute” to me? Jessica Alba.


When it comes to “pretty;” I must say that is a term reserved for a woman with just a stunning face. It could be someone I could stare at for hours as if her cheekbones were chiseled out of sun-baked marble and her skin glowed like a solar eclipse. A pretty woman is a definite looker, but there’s more edge to her than her cute counterpart. Who’s “pretty” to me Kelly Rowland and Gabrielle Union. There is just something about them that reminds me of the Nairobi woman.


A woman called “sexy” just radiates sexual energy to me. It could be her irresistibly pouty lips, a pair of hypnotizing brown eyes or as simple as the way she saunters into a room or at the same time the crazy thoughts that go through our heads.  This woman just has that “it” factor that causes you to constantly undress her with your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Who’s “sexy” to me Keri Hilson.

These are observations I have been making ever since I started going to the “Heat” games. Where ever you go Africa, Europe or South America “All women are beautiful” it’s just some punks out there who give us a bad rep. A question I want to pose to you female readers out there. Do you think my assessments of what classified someone as cute, pretty or sexy were fair, unfair?

11 thoughts on “Cute, Pretty or Sexy?

  1. Fair or unfair? Maybe subjective would fit better. I know a pal who thinks Kelly Rowland is sexy!!
    Anyhoo, now I’m curious to know how most folk would describe me. Let me do a mini poll….

  2. Eh beauty in the eyes of the beerholder as someone once told me…..ur description is just that…yours!! I think its different for everyone…not that i mind how those 3 ladies look like hehe.

  3. I think Jessica Alba is Sexy as well have you seen her pics after childbirth?
    Definitely agree on Gabrielle and Kelly indeed pretty.
    Sexy I would go with Toni Braxton!

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