Hold On, THAT’S Miss Kenya?

I try hard not to say anything…inflammatory about women and how they look. In many ways, I like to think that all women are beautiful to someone and as such do not particularly believe in pageants.

That said, I have worked with a fair share of models and do understand the basic concept of what counts as ‘beautiful’ to the World. By these standards, I have one question: is this REALLY the best we had to offer?

Miss World Kenya Finalists

Kenya is plagued by awesomely stunning ladies. To anybody reading this from abroad; seriously, when you come here, remember to pick your jaw up off the floor and tuck your tongue right back in. It’s astonishingly distracting. I applaud you all, fair Kenyan women – we as men bask in your glow.

But that said, who picks these pageant contestants? Further, who judges these things? Don’t get me wrong, Natasha Metto(Below) is far from ugly. She is quite beautiful. But the fairest in the land, I regretfully think not.

Miss World Kenya

And it would be one thing if I were the only one saying it, but look around: everyone is aghast. And everyone who didn’t know is finding out because of this wave of negative reactions. It’s also not a male thing, or a female thing. As a matter of fact, this was brought to my attention by a certain lady photographer friend of mine who had harsher words than I. And truthfully, why shouldn’t she be objective? It’s a pageant, THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!

Then again, maybe it’s our fault for not actively engaging in this process. I can’t speak for everyone one, but for most of the folks I know and myself, having seen the previous Miss World Kenya’s(Anita, Sinaipei, Maryanne…), we stared at the sea of gorgeousness and lackadaisically assumed that this selection process was merely a formality and turned our heads and ignored it.

Alas, next year, we’ll make a point to engage actively.

Congratulations to this year’s winner. All the best in China.

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23 thoughts on “Hold On, THAT’S Miss Kenya?

  1. It’s interesting how the organizers view beauty. Fake weaves, accents, non existent talents (skipping?? Standing on one’s head??) Brains and public speaking skills are clearly lacking. Clearly we don’t stand half a chance.

    • Sadly not. And even on the aesthetics front: REALLY? I mean, honestly? THIS IS IT?

      No offense, Tasha, but seriously, I’m sure I could go through my phonebook and whip out a better top 3. Probably put together a better pageant.

      I’ll stop here before I put my foot too far into my mouth.

      • U already put your fooot wayyy up!!

        Why dont u organize one…better yet encourage said females in your phone book to engange the process so no one is complaining about the results hahaha

  2. Am i the only one who noticed that most of kenyas pretty women are NOT above 5’10?? Seriously look around and ul c the cutest faces belong to short mamas. The same way guys complain that skinny women is a western aesthetic, we shuld also insist our african women r hawt in all shapes and sizes!

    • I know quite a few women taller than me who are drop dead gorgeous. And I’m basically 6’0″ . But yeah that height thing is tricky. So is the waist size issue.

      Personally, my philosophy is here.

  3. true kenya has many beautiful ladies but how many care to take part in these pageants.
    or how else can we explain it ?
    no offence to those who participate.

  4. Another angle…There are some pretty great looking mamaz as well from “mashinani” but unfortunately, mother tongue influence and lack of “urban exposure” hinder their eloquence in speaking English. What kinda sucks is that this is viewed by urbanites as being “shady” and as such, these rural (or rural-urban) vixens will be discarded at the drop of a hat from contests such as these in Kenya.

    Which sucks considering all the ridiculously gorgeous Latinas who end up frequently winning these things without being able to construct as much as a one-word sentence in English..

    Getting negatively judged for shadiness sucks monkey nuts, but such is the harsh reality of urban Kenya…

  5. If you do not the competition, you cannot expect to win. I personally think the lady is beatiful because in all fairness no one is flawless. However teh judges should have gone for a woman with natural hair. A vey obvious weave on or wig is a no no for a beauty queen. What next, fake breasts, liposuction and gastric band?

    Congratulations to all the winners. For those who feel they are more beatiful, they should have entered the competition otherwise do forever hold your peace.

  6. I think she’s beautiful really, but the weave kills it. Why do we feel the urge to sew on obviously fake hair?

    The contest would have been a better experience for me if I’d seen more natural (even chemically treated will do) hair, and of course the swimsuit section.

  7. Ever since my favourite Miss Kenya (Yolanda Masinde) said her role model is Mariah Carey (at a time when Mariah Carey was going through an emotional breakdown) and thereby blowing her chances of winning the Miss World title (or atleast being a one of the runners up), I have not followed any other beauty pageant.

  8. iCon i think we should open a hair shop with better quality weaves from india…i think we would make a killing!! no pun intended…just a business idea..lol

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  10. Guys relax. Miss kenya 2010 has just won beauty with a purpose award. That means she has already secured a place in the semifinals. So what if she doesnt win. The best part is that kenya will have a placement. Natasha has finally broken the ten year dry spells at miss world.

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  12. …The weave – I will eventually get over. However, at some point I questioned the judging when she beat out Miss Ghana who’s project was ‘Freeing Child Slaves’ and what pray tell trumped that you ask?…
    the eradication of ‘Jiggers’…’Beauty with a Purpose’…must have been a close call…

  13. The golden rule is . . You gotta be in it to win it. . Even angels . . can’t complain much they’re not using their wings . . That girl is good but not beautifull . . Period .

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