And now it’s Yu

I’ll keep this short and sweet. My siblings know me as a complainer. I must hold some kind of record for being the Whiner of the Year. Too bad it doesn’t come with a cash prize.

I’ve been quiet for a while, because I’ve been under the weather, under my blanket, and under my computer, earning money and looking miserable. It’s the eyebags.

So, when my little brother asked me to do a rant about Yu lines, I sat on it for a little while. I had words with Safcom on a really bad day, which appeared to some as sour grapes. And I now adore Zuku since they’ve totally styled up – for me at least.

But it seemed a little picky to … pick … on Yu. After all, I like Yu. They’re cheap, they’re fun, and they offered air time for 10 bob. It gets a little tricky when I need to load a thousand and all the shop has is tens, but hey, you can’t win them all.

The trouble with Yu is advertising. Not the TV ads. I love the TV ads. The dude singing to his chickens makes me cry with joy, seriously. And I love those kids with the chicken dinner phone call.

The problem is the endless annoying texts. They come in so often that I now autodelete without reading, and I never pay attention to a text alert on my Yu phone. As a result, I have gotten into some serious problems for ignoring a genuine sms from a … friend. Many, many times.

I’ve tried the regular channels to resolve this problem. I asked at a Yu Customer Centre, and they said that if I don’t want the endless texts, I should just reply ‘Stop’ to whichever number it came from. I tried. Four times. It didn’t work. Mostly because the stops kept bouncing back.

Next, I called Customer Care.

[Yay! I got through the Customer Care!]

The nice lady at the other end asked me to confirm my number, then said she would delete me from the text-promotion database. She asked me to be patient, as it would take 24 hours.

Yeah, still waiting on that.

She was really nice though. I like nice people. So after my phone kept me up half the night, aggravating the eyebags, I figured I’d give in and do a rant. So here goes.


In more coherent terms:

Dear Yu,

I love you. You’re adorable. But please, please, PLEASE, enough with the texts. You’re going to get me into trouble with my people-who-like-to-send-real-texts.


Lots of Love,


PS: Zain now has the same problem, but I called their Customer Care people and they promised to send no more texts. My phone has been delightfully silent since. Yay Zain!!

Also, I am depressed to note that according to the news, Safaricom has 16 million subscribers. That’s 16 million possible clients who may prefer to pay through Mpesa. Does this mean I’ll have to get a new Safaricom line? *Groan*

♫ What goes around comes around ♫ Justin Timberlake ♫


For more information on 3CB, click here.

4 thoughts on “And now it’s Yu

  1. I got tired of the Zain texts. Part of the reason why I hit “delete all” on my messages is because of those damn promo texts.

    Didn’t know I could get them to stop sending them though.

  2. Yaaay!!! I made it to you hyperlinks 🙂
    Guess i should start my own blog now!!
    Well am glad you are happy at your new found homes YU and Zain!! i really am!
    Laughing really hard at you getting a Safcom line again!!

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