Mad Professors & Higher Education

Mad Professors
I was walking down University Way when I saw a familiar face. A guy I had been schooling with back in High School, dressed like a security guard marching towards me. Then he randomly stopped and stared up into the air with intent. Were I not sure there was nothing in the air, I would’ve stared too. Soon, he was having a fight with an imaginary flying serpent, swinging his security guard fimbo in the air recklessly. It wasn’t long before he stumbled onto the road and began running to the other side of the highway, looking over his shoulder every few seconds. He was oblivious to traffic and to his general surroundings. To say he looked out of his mind would be mild. He looked like he and his mind had parted ways a long time ago and this new thing in his head belonged to a mouse on LSD. I watched him scream at vehicles and jump up and down as I reminisced on how academically sturdy this guy used to be. I remember him going to University and hearing he was doing well. How he got to this point, I don’t know.

Well, I have my suspicion. I think school made him go slightly bonkers. And if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know why I’m saying this.

How many times does some guy with a professorial title get behind the mic and say something entirely outlandish? Sometimes it’s just completely disconnected from actual reality. See, there’s this high and mightiness that I like to call and ‘intellectual god complex’ that the ooze that really makes no sense. If you would like to see it, go ahead and question something one of these Professors says. Like most of us did when Professor Peter Anyang Nyongo said our NHIF rates should go up by 2,500/=. Clearly outlandish because for people who already get taxed 30% and earn under 50,000/=, that’s the difference between food for a week and getting a second job. And when someone tried to explain this to the good professor, you know what he said?

Anyang Nyongo

Oh yeah. That’s how you silence the poor; remind them how rich you are again. For a bright guy, he sure was acting stupid. Yes, that NHIF bump is necessary, but a) it’s being badly carried out and b) it’s being horribly justified.

Maybe it was a misguided, pressured statement and the good professor still has his senses intact. But the guy that surely does not is this guy named Mbithi.

For those of you who can’t watch the Youtubes, this man, formerly one of the most powerful men in Kenya, now spends time at home transcribing God’s Word. As in God talks to him, he writes. Sometimes when he just wants to talk to God, he goes up to Heaven and chats with Big Homie before coming back down here. Likewise, God and ’em will come down and visit him because that’s what good friends do, right?

How he ever ended up here is anybody’s guess.

My guess? School. It is evilly maddening. See, I have a general aversion towards academia. I’m one of those guys that started working before graduation so while I understand it’s importance, I occasionally get distracted folding back stacks of bills.

But while I was working, some of my best and brightest buds went on to do their Bachelors, Masters and some even Ph.D. As I watched them get more and more degrees, the got less and less coherent. Isn’t this the opposite of what should be happening?

As I prepare to take a hiatus from a life of work to go back and finish my last year of schooling, I sometimes wonder if it’ll adversely affect my sanity.

So far, all signs point to ‘Yes’. Such is the sacrifice one must make to be accepted.

3 thoughts on “Mad Professors & Higher Education

  1. Haha your already incoherent bila degree…rudi shule LOL
    I suppose this is your last attempt at defying academia…how are u gonna blame Degrees for insanity n the gift of prophesy!!! tadah!!!!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I recently read an article about grad school being an extreme investment for a very fluid workplace. So, yes I agree if for no other reason, the fact that urghh…I now have to do my 9 to 5 AND my post grad. Purely peer pressure!And I will probably make those outlandish statements and become an unjustified intellectual snob and lord words like ‘zetetic’ over the poor souls around me.

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