#WamathaiSept: A Recap

Here we go...

This was my first Wamathai poetry night and I wasn’t even sure whether or not I was going to attend. But after electricity failure moved it from a night I definitely couldn’t make it to a night when I had a choice; I figured the gods really wanted it to happen. So it was that I made my way to Secrets Lounge with my wife – and camera – Cammy.

Aside from finally meeting a lot of the faces behind the Twitter names, I got to witness quite a bit of very inspired poetry – the highlight of which for me was Loco‘s ode to smoking.

The sound setup would sometimes allow the crowd’s mumblings and the happenings upstairs to drown the speakers. But alas, all was not lost. During these moments of deafness, I reverted to the equally entertaining option of socializing with tweeps.

That was until I heard Sade get on stage and belt out one of her classics. I quickly ran towards the stage to see how the songstress had snuck by me without setting off my severely accurate “Sade/Alicia Keys/Stacey Dash” radar and the knee-jerk marriage proposal that occurs when it’s set off. Alas, it was not Sade but Vickie Zosi.

Hats off to that lady and her blessed vocal cords; she sang the crowd into silent submission.

All in all, it was quite an experience. I’ll definitely make a conscious effort to go for the October edition.

Kudos to Dela for being a fantastic host. Salutes to all the tweeps I bumped into: Chiira, Knox, Binti, Buggz, Loco etc. And a deep hat doffing bow to Wamathai for putting it all together.

For the rest of the pics, kindly check out the Diasporadical Facebook Page.


9 thoughts on “#WamathaiSept: A Recap

  1. sorry but the chiq who sang sade kept slipping the notes… for a night out on karaoke, she’s amazing, as a singer/performer not yet. some practice and high pressure live gigs will do her good.

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