Cellphone Registration and Con Week

I just received the most interesting phone call from 0750234968. A guy speaking in very grammatical Swahili explained that I had won Ksh 70,000. He had a very detailed story about a Promulgation draw. Apparently the winning ticket was Number 6.

I figured it was a con, so I was only half-listening and responding with mm-hm and appropriate intervals. Apparently, my sarcasm didn’t carry over the phone. This dear boy has picked the wrong girl on the wrong phone on the wrong day.

When he first spoke, he said he was calling from the Headquarters. I asked which Headquarters, and he said Yu headquarters. Fair enough.

Then he started his story, and asked for my name. Even if I hadn’t been skeptical to begin with, I’m registered, so Yu knows my name. This is obviously not Yu, and my Yu cash is empty, so I’m not sure what his angle was.

I told the guy to give me all the prize information first, then later, he could ask me questions. He said he already knew my name, but he wanted to confirm that I actually owned the phone. I said if I wasn’t the owner, I wouldn’t have answered the call. He hung up.

I wonder if his line is registered.

I don’t know how many people get suckered by schemes like this. And I fear that if I ever do win a prize, my skepticism and rudeness will make them give it to someone else. In all fairness, I used my cool-as-ice subterranean tone. The one I use when I’m too livid to raise my voice. But I guess he doesn’t know that.

Yesterday I met one of those Gideons cons. You know, the guy who asks for directions to Gideons House and start telling you about the little free Bibles? That guy.

I’ve never known exactly where the con ends up, because I listen for as long as I can be polite, then when I’m overpowered by an urge to kick something, I walk away.

I wonder why they always target me. Do I look that gullible? Possibly it’s because I daydream when I walk, so I constantly look lost, distracted, or extremely snobbish. Oh well.

Back to the phone call, everybody wants free money, and I could sure use 70,000. But next time somebody offers you a cash prize, use a little common sense. Ignorance is bliss, but it can also be expensive.

Here’s to youDiffuser

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15 thoughts on “Cellphone Registration and Con Week

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  2. Some wanker called me telling I’d won 50k, that there’d be 3 ways to get the money, ie through M-PESA, YuCash and my bank account, so could I please give the details of the payment method I wanted so that he could do the transfer.
    I just hang-up…
    It was a clear con.

  3. so this happens to other netwoks too. I initially heard that they were safaricom staff giving out customer details to steal from their own customers. I guess YU staff have also become thieves. Or was it just a safaricom ‘hate speech’?

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