When Religion Forgot About God

Disclaimer: If you’re here to insult believers, your comment will get deleted. If you’re here to discuss religion, be open-minded.

It was September 11th the other day.

For many, they remember the twin towers crashing, killing thousands and decimating any progress that had been made towards the acceptance of Muslims in America, and ultimately, the West. Reason being, the culprits behind it said that their motivation was religious thus pissing petrol onto the simmering corpses of the innocent and the raging flames of the burning buildings.

They did it because it was right – nay, necessary – by God.

Just as many before them have done. More people have died in the name of religion than have because of politics or money. More lives have been extinguished by God’s supposed ‘Word’ than have perished in any natural disaster ever. And why? Is there something fundamentally wrong with religion?

For every argument one may make about one religious group wronging another, a similar one can be easily retorted. So much so that the scales will forever keep tipping, from one side to the other without ever finding any balanced middle ground. In fact, I suspect that this lack of balance is getting worse. Whereas Holy ground was fought for in Holy Wars; now all we need is a cartoonist with no religious tact to doodle the wrong thing. One man shall insult another people’s religion, and their countries will then bear the brunt of the bombings that follow. The reasons for religious feud have never been good, but now the escalation factor has gotten so exponential that I fear for all our safeties when a parish priest of some remote church says he was going to burn the Qur’an on Eid.

And for what, exactly?

Religion Kills

Have Muslims done terrible things? Why yes, of course. Have Christians? Yep, very much so. Hindus, Atheists, heck, name them. PEOPLE DO STUPID SHIT ALL THE TIME. Regardless of religion.

Yet, thousands of years have passed and a thousand more will come, where lives shall be lost because of the actions of man and everybody is keeping score as if this were a game. If it were a game, at least, there would be rules and an end. But when a religion that bases itself on surrender and peace refuses to let go of a grudge with a country, and a religion that professes love for thy neighbour and turning the other cheek goes for their guns to fight them, it’s clear what the problem is.

The fundamentals are sound but the fundamentalists aren’t.

There are certain basic principles that apply to most religions; the first of which is that there is a ‘God'(or gods). A Supreme Entity under which humankind is to worship. This is where the ‘Word’ comes from – be it in the form of the Holy Bible or the Glorious Qur’an. And holy are these tomes because the truth is somewhere in there.

But one thing we religious folk must all remember is that God is perfect, we aren’t. The word is divine, the people are human. The words; perfect. The pen that scribed those words, imperfect. The people who read it; even more imperfect. The hands that have carried it over the thousands of years, the most corrupted and imperfectly power hungry of our time. It’s like playing ‘Broken Telephone’. Suffice it to say, as the word was carried from Heaven and across Earth, a lot has changed in it.

Something that has not and will not change is the basic fundamental that we came from and shall return to our Creator. In which case, this ‘Truth’ that is missing from the books is in us. I don’t need a commandment to know that killing is wrong. But there is a commandment to that effect. Just like there are verses, chapters, pages full of peace in every major book, name it.

We wouldn’t have the ability to be understanding if this were not a necessary function. Final judgment is left with God, so for those who choose to take it into their own hands and destroy all who believe in a different God, you’re not faithful, you have a god complex. Yes, there are parts of the Qur’an and Bible that enforce violence, but let’s try peace first shall we? Let’s all put the guns down and act like it’s 2010 and that we are sensible adults with the god-given good sense to resolve differences without ripping out each others’ Adam’s Apples.

Let’s focus on being the best living examples of piety that we can be. I think that’s what is meant by giving your life to the Faith: actually using your life to propagate the truth. Not strapping on a vest full of bombs or slinging on an AR-15 and then running out into a warfield yelling out prayers.

But then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m crazy and all this senseless bigotry and oppression is the wrong way to go.

Only God know and, last I checked, He gave us enough sense to know better, right?

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13 thoughts on “When Religion Forgot About God

  1. Here’s a thought.

    Many people have a picture of the creator as a vengeful being..a deity that is waiting for you to mess up…kinda like the parent who believes that their child can do no right.

    This leads to fear. Fear of the creator…and this perhaps is the base emotion that connects us to Creator. The same fear i feel is exploited by fundamentalists in propagating their doctrine.

    Maybe its time for a new outlook to the relationship we have with our creator..have it grounded on understanding and love. Perhaps if we viewed our life source as a benevolent if somewhat bemused parent who genuinely delights in our mini triumphs…well…the fear could end.

    Couldn’t it?

  2. Pastor Terry Jones is one of those individuals I like referring to as a waste of functioning organs…

    the ugly debate that the mosque thing brought about reveals a lot about religion that most people don’t usually see/ or admit to exist..

  3. I was terrified of going to hell as a child and as such got ‘saved’ about 3 times by the age of 18. Backslid each time – of course.

    Fear of God is misinterpreted to what most of us practice – terror of God- rather than respect of God. As Buggz said, that’d be a starting point to solving our problems.

    I think that folks are so terrified of God that they figure imposing pious displays and forcing obedience to their God will somehow make that God more inclined to look upon them with favour.

    Then, we have the politicians and other power peddlers who use this fear of God to control the masses under them and will inflict untold misery upon those that dare disobey them, with no real regard to what God would or wouldnt like. All they want is power.

    I’m quite ambivalent where religion and religious folks. Most of the religious folks I knew growing up were pretty kind and upright albeit a bit more strict and dare I say judgemental than the average. Since I’ve been in the US there aren’t as many ‘saved’ folks that I know personally but those I do are ultra-judgemental, rather hateful especially regarding Muslims, blacks, intelligent etc They are a scary lot and a group that I want nothing to do with. This has pushed me further and further away from religion much to my poor mother’s horror.

    Anyway, that’s my 2c, I need to stop rambling

  4. I agree with the author of the post & @Buggz79. It’s been a miserable game of broken telephone for centuries between the Creator, the Messengers and the receivers… all I can say at the end of the day, we should follow the silent voice in our heart. It’s the one that tells you to smile, say thank you, sorry, please & bless you. The voice that tells you to help a fellow man/woman even when it’s likely that they are trying to swindle you, to reach out to those who need guidance, help et al. It’s the voice that keeps you sane and human. That voice isn’t fearful as we’ve been raised to believe, it’s a balanced voice… a peaceful voice… that is the voice of God/Allah/Budda and whoever else you choose to call the Creator… all the rest is just NOISE!

  5. Hmmm… interesting discussion. Here’s this layman’s opinion. I think there’s a difference between religion and faith.
    Religion is when you have the information and that’s pretty much it. It could be the people who know all the principles and follow all the rituals but keep them from interfering with their lives. So it works like a formula, a routine…I do this then that then this other thing… It’s pretty superficial coz it doesn’t go to the heart.
    Or it could be those who have all the info but want to use it within their own mindset. This may lead to over-emphasis on one part of a religion-the part I like or I think is more important than another. So I want to dwell on angry God and not loving God… or I want to think about docile God and not mighty God.

    I don’t think any group is better off than the other. Of course one may hurt others more :-/ But in the end, for all of them, their religion is really off.

    Faith on the other hand translates religion into a matter of the heart. It changes information from just knowing facts to being changed by them. And the principles come to life. And then I can live not just by what I want or what I like… but by the whole word.

  6. With God (whoever you perceive Him to be), it’s all about relationship not religion.
    The same way a human relationship will not thrive on rules and institutions, a God relationship isn’t supposed to be based on fear, rules and regulations. It’s all personal.
    That’s why when filling in documents, under Religion, I leave a blank.

  7. A suggestion; when readers like myself go reading a month’s worth of posts one after the other, sometimes our lazy selves get confused and want to know who wrote what and who has the crazier jpeg’s per post and such. Something like this ‘This entry was posted on September 14, 2010 at 9:29 am by….’

    Tagged under ‘dont shoot the messenger’ 🙂

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