Disaster at Anfield

If you are Liverpool fan, I’m sure many are wondering what went wrong before their Carling Cup exit. At the moment this is a team/club that continues to stumble from one disaster to the next.

Liverpool has nosedived since finishing runners-up to Manchester United in 2009 and with defeat to the League Two side marking a new low. Many sport fans’ including me are wondering what is really going on wrong, especially after this team mediocre performance in the Carling Cup.

Cleary this is a team with a lot of issues that need to be addressed. For instance when it comes to the ownership saga, there seems to be no end in sight regarding a takeover at the club. At the moment the two co-owners Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett are at a limbo when it comes to ownership, with each one wanting to have a say in the day to day running of the club.

Another factor has been this club has had some pretty reliable if not good players. People such as Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano. Taking a closer look at Gerrard he has played alongside quality players until recently he began playing with if not mediocre useless or players with no value at all. Until recently his form has slumped as a result forcing the whole team to suffer to. With Torres falling into the mediocre category too Gerrard is left to with the task of trying to galvanize the team together something that he has cleary failed.

This team has also been known to invest heavily in some mediocre players. Last season’s big-money buy Alberto Aquilani failed to live up to expectations, as has Maxi Rodriguez and none of the club’s signings this season has yet to make a big impact.

Joe Cole has yet to get anywhere near the player people were screaming for to act as England’s playmaker at the World Cup, while Milan Jovanovic and Christian Poulsen have been solid if not spectacular.

Raul Meireles is still adjusting to the English game and the five midfielders, including Rodriguez, have so far failed to fill the voids left by Alonso the previous summer and Javier Mascherano this year.

There is also the issue of having unrealistic if not inflated expectations in regards to this season. Last season finish of seventh place came as a shocker to me and other’s alike. For some stupid reason, last season was supposed to be the end of the “20 year” wait for the trophy but alas…not happening. On the other hand teams such as Tottenham, Manchester City and Aston Villa are catching up, and with the former two further strengthening in the summer are Liverpool actually good enough for the top four? Your guess NO especailly after watching them hammered by Man City.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal remain as strong as ever and in comparison to last season’s top five, Liverpool cannot match their rivals overall squads and may have to settle for the fact that a Europa League place is the ceiling for the team.

In closing DR readers do you believe that Roy Hodgson is the right man, has his start at Liverpool been good enough?

So far the impact of his summer signings has not registered on the Richter scale. But at a club like Liverpool is he capable of bringing in players good enough to take them back to the top. The longevity of Hodgson’s reign must be analyzed as well.

It is clear that Liverpool’s period of transition could at least go on for another couple of seasons yet but the former Inter Milan coach has never stayed in a position for more than four years. If Hodgson decides on another career change in a couple of seasons time then the club will be immediately be back to where they started, with a new manager having to come in and build yet another new squad.

2 thoughts on “Disaster at Anfield

  1. I am a liverpool fan and let me just tell u we are in some dark space right now and every weekend i have to fight the feeling of hopelessness that seems to be drowning us. I mean so far…not so good. But i think first we need to fix ownership, then we need a lot of money cos ehhh just look what a few billions can do for a team aka chelsea…How many ple even supported chelsea like 6yrs ago? Man-city. MOney right now is the no.1 salvation then we can fix the rest.

    • Liverpool is going through the dame road that Leeds FC went through. the only difference is that i doubt Looserpool will be relegation candidates anytime soon. Leeds had the same drama in regards to ownership, mass exodus of good players, if you recall players such as Alan Smith, Viduka, Kewell, Radebe among others were sold to cover off debts. Come 2009-2010 season players such as Mascherano and Alonso had to leave. I hope Lpool puts their house in order soon.

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