Who is responsible for Liverpool’s disastrous season?

This past Sunday saw the once mighty Liverpool play a newly promoted team Blackpool. If you recall, during this game, the home crowd could be heard chanting the words “Daglish, Daglish, Daglish!”. To make matters worse, the coach himself admitted that Liverpool’s plight near the foot of the Barclays Premier League Standings was ‘unacceptable’. As stated in an earlier post, this is a team that has a lot of issues and reminds me of the mighty “Leeds United” before relegation.

It has been a torrid first two months of the season for the recently appointed manager which all began with a Carling Cup humiliation at the hands of Northampton. Now with Sunday’s defeat this leaves the five-time European champions in the relegation zone. Hodgson’s coaching C.V. may stretch back 34 years and be decorated with no fewer than 13 trophies, but there were still misgivings in some quarters over his appointment to succeed Rafa Benitez at Anfield.
I am one of those that were against him being given the job at the Kop.

Transforming Fulham from relegation candidates to Europa League finalists may have swayed Liverpool’s thinking during the summer, but opinion elsewhere was distinctly divided. He was a safe pair of hands, in the eyes of some, while others viewed his arrival as further evidence of Liverpool’s continuing decline.

He remains adamant that he can turn things round but how much of Liverpool’s current malaise is of his own making? Is he really the man for the right job? Will he lead Liverpool down to Division One or what? Below are some of the my thoughts as to why he is not the right man for the job.

To begin with, we have to look at his signings that he has brought through to Anfield so far. None of them so far have been impressive, especially in the midfield. Raul Meireles looks anything but an £11.5million midfielder with 40 Portugal caps, while there were cheers all round when Christian Poulsen was substituted against Blackpool.

Joe Cole’s only achievement to date is to reopen the debate about his effectiveness and whether there ought to be more end product.

Issue number two has to do with the ownership saga that is still going on till today.

A controversy that continues to rage and is undermining Hodgson’s attempts to restore stability. As ever, it is shrouded in uncertainty, with this Friday’s deadline looming for the repayment of a £237m loan to Royal Bank of Scotland. Hodgson and his players insist the backdrop of infighting and fans’ protests over a string of broken promises does not impinge on locker-room morale, but the general air of rancour and division cannot be helping.

There have been all sorts of ‘buyers’ allegedly in the pipeline, including Chinese tycoon Kenny Huang who said Hodgson would have the cash to entice Lionel Messi to Anfield!

Tom Hicks and George Gillett want top dollar but are less likely to get it while Liverpool are in the bottom three.

Issue number three has to deal with the former Manager Rafa Benitez

Hodgson’s predecessor still refuses to go quietly, four months after leaving Anfield and taking over at Inter Milan.

Not content with having a dig at the Board by claiming they knew nothing about football, he has now cast a shadow over Hodgson by helpfully revealing a desire to become Liverpool manager again one day. Clearly this guy has lost it; he left Looserpool in this mess in the first place.

Issue number four that Liverpool is facing is in terms of their own strengths and weaknesses

Whereas “Rafa” left a good and decent team before joining Inter-Milan, the current coach has been slowly been killing this team. His mistake was to allow Javier Mascherano to leave for Barcelona, and to replace him with the likes of Poulsen and at the same time spending to much money on Meireles rather than find a replacment for the injury prone Torres.

This team needs to clearly find a way of surviving in the EPL, the upcoming fixtures are in no way easy.

A Goodison Park Derby with Everton that could prove a tipping point for disgruntled fans is followed by Blackburn (at home), Bolton (away) and Chelsea (at home). Hodgson can ill-afford still to be floundering near the foot of the table when Chelsea depart Anfield with a victory on November 7th.

At the moment the Coach Mr. Hodgson has to carry the can over lavishing £20m on Meireles, Poulsen and Konchesky. He has inherited serious problems, and they could get worse in January when Torres, who has pulled out of Spain’s squad for the Euro 2012 qualifiers because of his groin strain, and Pepe Reina may just decide they have endured enough mediocrity.

Then there’s Gerrard, whose loyalty can only be tested so many times. Hodgson has to stamp his mark on Liverpool’s fortunes now, or the rebels who called for Dalglish will start growing in numbers.

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