Why Are Guns Illegal Again?

I talk about guns a lot. Usually it’s how cops mishandle them, or kill innocent people with them, or kill people that they claim aren’t innocent with them. I also at some point mentioned that I had my own small arsenal and am quite a fan of the science/art behind firearms.

But also, it’s a matter of principle. I strongly believe in my right to protect myself. If somebody out there has a stick, I better have access to a bigger stick; if they have a stone, I need boulders in my backyard. It’s my responsibility, and nobody else’s, to myself, my family and God, to stay alive.

“But what about Police”

Read the first paragraph again and click a link or two. In my life, I’ve been held at gunpoint about 9 times; 8 of those times it was by police. 8 of those times I was completely innocent. In fact, one of those times I’m the one who actually called the police. As the story goes, my neighbor – a frail twenteen year old blonde – was being battered by her then boyfriend. She scurried to my apartment for safety. I called it in. I heard the cops knock on the door. I opened it. BOOM! They kicked me to the ground, turned my on my stomach. I’m pretty sure there was a knee on the back of my neck and a .45 caliber pistol clicked as it was pointed at my dome, as two other officers held me down and cuffed me.

Call it bad luck or an unlikely occurrence. Maybe even say that having a gun wouldn’t have helped me in that situation. And you know what, you’re 100% correct. But it’s things like that that have led me to not trust the police. I strongly suspect that if I had called and said that an armed assailant was trying to kill me, they’d have shot me instead of the girl. Now in that situation, were I armed, that armed assailant would need medical treatment and a crutch before being dispatched to maximum security.

Mind you, that was in the US of A where the law enforcement system actually functions to some degree. We live in Kenya where the only people that are armed are authorities and thugs. There is the occasional random that carries around a firearm. Just the other day in Kenchic, we saw a man flaunting his Heckler & Koch on his sagging belt buckle while sucking on a chicken bone. My prayer was that he was not as drunk as he smelled because that hunk of metal made him the most powerful man in the area.

“But if we legalize guns, thugs will get more dangerous.”
thug gun
Newsflash: they already have guns. Lots of them. In fact, they tote ‘overkill’ weapons. AK-47’s are not made for robbing houses. Besides, I ascribe to the hood philosophy that dictates: “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” Briefly paraphrased, I prefer being in the hands of jurors over pallbearers. Let the court decide whether I’m right or wrong, whether I should live or die; but don’t expect me to leave that choice dangling on the trigger finger of an intoxicated thug looking for some coins and a cellphone. And that goes triple for my family and loved ones.

“So we should just allow any lunatic to carry a weapon.”
No, but we should have the provision to allow citizens to protect themselves. In so far as I know and have been told by local coppers, it’s essentially illegal to own/carry firearms. Yes, there’s a licensing process, but you have a better shot at impregnating Beyonce with Memphis Bleek’s seed. There really needs to be some sort of structured process that lets citizens, good and bad, know that if you need to carry, there’s a legal way to do it.

“So more guns, more murder, more crime?”
gun fight
Again, no. I’m pretty sure the number of guns will go up, but at least we’ll know where they are and who has them. Controlled sale points, increased penalties, so and so forth. Strict licensing and legislation as well as strict enforcement of said laws should prove better than the wishy washy system we have now. As opposed to police claiming the city is gun free when I know full and damn well there’s a thug on River Road right now selling SK’s for 1500/=. And there are 10,000 more like him in Eastlands and many of the slums. Besides, we’re legalizing Chang’aa and illicit brews that will have no good effect whatsoever; why not in the same process create a structure under which firearms can be governed and monitored?

Bottom line is, I think the main reason we aren’t allowed to have weapons has nothing to do with citizens going crazy or thugs getting tooled up; it’s a mechanism that keeps unarmed citizens in check. We are powerless against all oppressors; none of whom seem very benevolent. Cops, thugs or otherwise.

Huey P Newton Gun
Besides, who’s ever heard of a revolution happening without a revolutionary carrying a gun?

7 thoughts on “Why Are Guns Illegal Again?

  1. Agree with you 110%!! honestly I’ve been saying on and on that they really need to legalize them. It’s all for our own protection and it’s not like when its legal, we are forced to carry them. Those that think they are dangerous can keep off them- it’s that simple.

  2. Owning a gun has been on my mind for a while now. And if I’m not able to get it legally because no doubt someone somewhere will decide to frustrate me and ask to be bribed, I will just take a walk on ‘fith avenue’. There’s no kind of reasoning that will convince the powers that be to legalise firearms; what do they think? That just because I own a piece I will suddenly turn into a gun toting bank robbing heat packing thug?

  3. Imagine if we had guns during the post election violence!!

    There might have been two situations. One, we might have gone berserk. Two, knowing your neighbor got heat and you got your own, we would have respected each other more.

    But seeing we are Kenyans and we have loose morals and discipline judging at how we drive, litter all over, spit, take a pee any where any time, its easy to tell how we would behave with legal or illegal firearm

    • I know a good number of people who got guns during the Election Violence saga. That’s why there were all those shootouts in Kawangware and Kibera.

      Guns are there; regulation isn’t.

  4. All I read were the last 2 sentences. Someone might be looking for you haha. Am just wondering what happens if you own one illegally. Its not like they will know or track u down. Am sorry but i have no faith whatsoever in our protection agencies.

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