100,000 Reasons

One man Million Men

I was recently chatting with an American-based Kenyan blogger about Kenyan/East African blogs in general. He said something that I always thought to be painfully true.

The reason why a lot of blogs don’t thrive in this region is because people don’t know how to work together, they don’t have a common vision. They usually have a funny story, an interesting narrative, a moment of clarity and then Writers Block and a failed comeback. And although readers don’t want that, they have very little choice and hence very little loyalty.

DiaspoRadical was born haphazardly. iCon had just flown into Kenya from Zurich(where that banner picture was taken) and misterNV was…chilling. They had a vivid discussion about the absence of a unified, unmuffled voice for the African youth and in less than an hour, they had come up with the name and the blog in general.

The whole purpose of this blog is not just for our crew to give their opinions and write witty shit on occasion. This blog is for the readers. You. Your comments, your views, your platform to speak and be heard. And in 7 months, 100,000 of you have stood on this stage and spoken: in voice and number. And we, the writers, editors and staff of DiaspoRadical are ever so grateful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you readers, writers, contributors, guest writers. Thank you to the ones that sent random emails telling us when we made typos; and those that sent us articles to read, ideas for posts, suggestions and even complaints.

Thank you all for making this possible.

Also, let me take this time to make some small housekeeping announcements: As promised on Twitter once upon a day, we will be upgrading the design this week (and hopefully a few other things now that it seems like we’re headed somewhere). So be on the lookout for all that. And uhm…yeah. Enjoy life.

i hate crowds

That is all. As you were..

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10 thoughts on “100,000 Reasons

  1. “All hail the diasporadical and give them three cheers, fam / Like, hip hip hooray ” a little mf doom cheer for this occasion..congrats!

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