The Wayne Rooney Saga

Last week and part of this week has seen some drama come alive at “Old Trafford” aka the “Theatre of dreams”. One of their prized and valuable possessions – Wayne Rooney – has decided that he no longer wants to be part of the Manchester United family.

Apparently the striker has had some sort of beef with Sir. Alex Ferguson and has even refused to renew his current contract that is set to expire sometime early 2012. Those in the loop about transfers are aware that should united let Rooney leave, then they are going to lose out on a player worth 25million pounds and at the same time selling him to a rival club such as Chelsea or Manchester City will only serve to strengthen a rival.

So far there are very few clubs – actually 3 – that can afford the kind of salary this kid is asking for. The obviously wealthy Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona.  

You may be asking why I haven’t mentioned the likes of Liverpool(a.k.a. Looserpool) and Arsenal. Well, Rooney comes with a wage demand of 250,000 pounds every week, going by the current financial situation it is safe to say that these two clubs cannot afford him come rain or shine.

Truth be told, I don’t blame Wayne for wanting to leave.

For starters United seems to lack the will to win, as evidenced by the kind of reduced activity that has been going on in the transfer market. Edwin van der Sar, the current number 1 is set to retire at the end of the season, there seems to be no hurry to replace him. The likes of Gigs and Scholes have reached their peak and Nani still has a lot of catching up to do if he is expected to fill in the boots of the departed stars.
Further, the club is riddled with debt. Could this be another Liverpool in the next 2 or 3 seasons? Its seems likely.
Third, everyone has to set goals for what they hope to achieve in their lives, sort of a ‘vision’ or a ‘roadmap’ of sorts. At the moment this Rooney chap has 6 years before he gets to 30. United are good at letting people in that age bracket leave. Does the name Solskjaer ring a bell? What about Nicky Butt & Peter Schmeichel? They were all great players but as soon as they approached 30 they were let go.

Lastly Wayne is looking out for his family’s future. Should anything happen to him he would like them to be set for life. At the moment he has reached a plateau and the only way to revive himself is to seek another challenge.

Being a Chelsea fan I hope he decides to join the Blues. Although doing so may signal an end to the careers of Malouda, Kalou or even Anelka it is a gamble worth taking. It would also be interesting if he were to go to Man-City, if he does so he will link up with United run away Carlos Tevez who can’t seem to stop scoring. Imagine the partnership of Rooney and Tevez: serious havoc to any defense out there.

Over to you DR readers, if you were Rooney would you stay to captain a sinking ship or join a Chelsea, Real Madrid or Man-City? Would you take a financial risk or jump at the chance of becoming the highest earning player, raking 250,000 pounds plus per check?

Update: It seems Wayne’s decided to stay at Old Trafford until 2015.

4 thoughts on “The Wayne Rooney Saga

  1. You are entirely wrong about United’s track record of ‘letting players go’ once they near 30.

    Your 3 examples were Solskjaer, Butt and Schmeichel? All wrong. Solskjaer played for United until he retired at 34. Nicky Butt handed in a transfer request because he wasn’t getting enough football, sir Alex did not want him to leave. Peter Schmeichel is the wrongest of all those examples – he left against the will of everyone at the club having “achieved all he wanted to at United”, and has since said he should have stayed on for at least a few more years.

    Any fan will also remind you of the Teddy Sheringhams, Gary Nevilles, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholeses of the world who would not have been given the opportunity to play until their legs give up at any club but United.

    On Rooney – he’s entitled to make his own career decisions, but he’s an idiot to try to save face by citing Glazer ownership or United’s ‘lack of ambition’ (being league champions 3 times and champions league winners once in the last 4 seasons).

    Now he’s signed, and it looks like it was either just a big stunt to squeeze extra money out of United, or he’s got some Ronaldo-like agreement (Cristiano signed a long-term deal two summers before he left, and the general understanding is that he was assured he’d be sold when Madrid came with the right bid). Either way, he is an idiot, and if he ever leaves United, just like many a greater player before him, it may be the best thing he does financially, but will be the worst move of his career in terms of silverware.

  2. How old was VDS when he joined Man United from Fulham? Solskjaer is the worst example you have chosen to use as Sitati says. He chose to retire from playing because of injuries and is still with the club for your information. How old was Henrik Larsson when SAF took him albeit on loan? How old was Berbatov when he joined United? How many times have you heard SAF give his reasons why he signed him? With Rooney, it not about age. Discipline is the key here.

    Another thing, have you read the headline on football pages since yesterday and today? He is not going anywhere. He has chosen to atone for his transgressions to the club.

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