“Money Cant Buy Love”- Manchester City’s Struggles

Last week must have been a very disappointing one for the owners of Manchester City who got a taste of some very bitter medicine. They must be wondering whether all the money they have can really afford them the love they so desperately want and the silverware they so desperately need. What looked like an easy week on paper proved to be somewhat difficult for them. They lost to Manchester United in the battle to sign Wayne Rooney whom many believed was destined to depart from old Trafford. To add insult to injury they lost to a relatively erratic performing Arsenal over the weekend. For some reason the expensively assembled squad still is showing no signs of gelling together.

All is not lost for the mega rich club of Manchester, word has it that the coach is still looking to strengthen his squad more further come January. There is talk of Torres, Ibrahimovich and my personal favorite Edin Dzeko joining City. Anyone who has ever watched a Bundeslinga game and in particular Wolfsburg knows who and what Dzeko is capable of doing.  It can clearly be seen that, at the moment, the team over relies on Carlos Tevez. Sunday’s game is testament to that. It is safe to assume that signing some one of Dzeko’s caliber can be the key deciding factor on whether they win the Premiership or struggle for another top four finish again.

One thing the owners need to watch out for is trying to go after players who have little or no re-sale value at all. Such a scenario would mean that signing someone like “Ibra” – who is close to 30 – wouldn’t be advisable. After one or two years, he will not be worth the hefty millions he commands in salary, which is part of the reason Barcelona are trying to get rid of him.

On the other hand, signing Fernando Torres would be a smart move. He is having one of his most worst seasons as a player for Liverpool. However, once procured, he would remain very injury prone and would end up spending most of his time seeking treatment rather than playing for City. The perfect fit here would be Dzeko; he is only twenty four and has a bright future ahead of him.

It is important to note that last year City made a loss of 121 Million pounds.  In any terms, this is a lot of cash. It’s worth questioning if the club has even reached 40% of their commercial value. If they are to minimize on the amount of money lost, letting some players such as Santa Cruz, Adebayor, Craig Belllamy and Robinho loose would make a lot of sense. At the moment, the first 3 of those players’ salaries are costing City over 14 Million pounds.

So in short, City’s solution to their problems on their balance and score sheets can be resolved by strategic restructuring of their locker room. Shedding dead weight and making the right additions to the crew might prove to be the best, and maybe the only way forward.

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