Tusker Project Fail: “If Amileena Does Not Win…”

Hello Fellow Kenyans.

Since I first watched Tusker Project Fame 4 last week and penned a few innocent thoughts on this matter, I’ve received hate mail, death threats and what seems like an informal stripping of my African badge for saying that these contestants were not the best Eastern Africa had to offer. Apparently, round these parts, it is taboo to set the bar higher.

So what I’ve done, is I’ve taken all your collective advice and brought myself up to speed on TPF4. Yes, I subjected myself to the listening and watching and listening and watching. YouTube, Megavideo and even Citizen TV. Oh yes. Here at DR, we take your feedback seriously. So today, I come to you with an informed, less preachy point of view.

First, regarding my views/opinions last week; little has changed. Yes, I still highly doubt that this is the absolute best we have to offer. Yes, I still think that somehow, some way, Palek will end up victorious. Additionally, I doubt that the ‘genuineness’ of the competition; the romances seem plastic, the judges are pariahs and the host needs to NEVER wear a shiny suit again. Glistening, by Jove. Oh, and I’m still a fan of the principle of the academy, not so much of the actual execution of said principle. In laymans terms, I think the show is necessary, I just don’t think it’s being done right.

So what’s changed?

Well, I take back what I said about the production. I blame my TV. The video quality was OK when I re-watched but the sound still sucked. I’m not sure if it’s the equipment or that people haven’t received the proper training with it. Either that or the singing was …well, let’s just say the sound sucked.
Also, the wardrobe and make up are a bloody mess. Gaelle didn’t look like she knew what to do with that strapless dress with its cups much higher than her’s. The principle’s make up looks like it was sponsored by Sadolin Paints ( I see colours…)  and the host’s shiny suit was sponsored by Mabati Rolling Mills.

I also take back what I said about not choosing a star out of the group. And if you read the title, you know who I picked.

Good Lord, the pipes on that woman: Premium vocal plumbing. I guess I hadn’t realized what an impressive range she had seeing as I watched an episode with Reggae tracks being sang. But, my goodness, wasn’t I floored. Who hits Whitney/Mariah notes with a smile on their faces? And she doesn’t look half bad either; very easily marketable. Plus, that hip-sway thing she does = nice. Tender age of 22 and all, she’s someone I could bank on for a long reign at the top. She clearly has the talent…but will she make it? That Davis guy isn’t horrible either, and Palek has something that she hasn’t quite tapped into yet, but if I had to bet on someone, it’d be Ami.

And if she doesn’t win, I move to petition that some record label should scoop her up and some company endorse her. If I had the means, I’d do it my damn self. Yes, it’s that serious.

But alas, it seems quite clear that the odds are tilted towards Palek. They aren’t even making much of an effort to hide it, it seems. Gabiro, Steve and a few others should have been in that firing range, but that wouldn’t help anything. See, by putting 4 girls on probation, including Pal, they’re eliminating a potential threat and ensuring she doesn’t have to endure probation at a more critical stage. Or maybe I’m wrong and she’ll be booted next Saturday instead of Leah or Gaga

But at this point, who really cares? Judging from the comments last week, anything negative said is usually met with the utmost baseless backlash (although, ironically, ‘Tusker Project Fail’ has started becoming a fixture on Twitter). I’m still waiting to hear a single person say “This truly is the greatest East Africa has to offer”.

But for as long as I can’t say it myself, I’ll just bow out and leave the TPF commentary to you guys on #TPF4 #ChukiFM and #PenziFM, as I spend my Sunday evenings waiting for Amileena’s album to drop.

Best of luck to her and the other contestants.

40 thoughts on “Tusker Project Fail: “If Amileena Does Not Win…”

  1. I have to agree with you, this cannot be the best that East Africa has to offer! I also agree with your favourites Amileena, Davis & Palek, not necessarily in that order, Davis strikes me as the only personnel who gives maximum effort all the time, kind steve actually look bored by the whole charade.

  2. I also think reality shows have a maximum lifestyle of 3 good seasons followed by a mediocre 4th season then they do an All Star season to try bring back the favourite stars just to milk the concept, remember Big Brother?

  3. Amileena where have you been all our Kenyan lives?! Girl you have a vocal range from here to heaven and back! Eff the judges and what they say about showing off your voice. Thing is, you are competing with people much much lesser than your vocal abilities. Rachel almost spoiled your chances while singing “Miracles” with you last night. You are not a Superstar girl. You are a MEGASTAR!! Sadly, you will not win. Palek will (just a hunch)because beer has to be sold and also because the TPF title has to do its rounds through Eastern Africa before it comes back to Kenya . But Amileena mark my words, you are international material. Like iCon said, I wish I could sign you up with a record label. But I know someone who’s watching will. Envision yourself beyond the limits of this competition, its brown envelope judges and the self-righteous sponsors. At the end of the day, we the viewers, in our millions are the ones that will buy your album, come for your concerts and sign contracts with you to perform in our corporate events. Keep toning those tonsils Amileena. You are a rare one and I can’t wait to see you perform outside the TPF academy. And girl, if you are evicted, I’d pay anything from 5,000shs – 10,000shs to attend your eviction party. You’ve single-handedly raised the bar for TPF. Sadly, the judges cannot rise with you 😦

  4. See what positive critism does? Anyway this time i have to agree with your thoughts. Steve landed with a bang and was seen as the favourite but it seems pals charms hav drained him off. As 4 Ameleen, shes a star alright, though she may need to tame the vocals jst a lil’ bit.

  5. as a life member of #teamAmileena I hea you totally. Was amazed how Gabiro survived but if any lady has o be sacrificed on merit it has to be Gaelle who’s the weakest of the four. Davis is the best performer, star material. Amileena has the voice and the look, get a good songwriter and producer and she’ll be the next big thing in Kenyan music but unfortunately none of the tpf Alumni are household names like Namesless, Jua Cali etc

    • My bet is that Leah will get eliminated now, Gaelle will get the boot a little bit later on, Gaga will be on probation again next week and out the week after that. And then they’ll knock out a week guy or two before booting Gaelle, and a strong guy. Yada yada. Palek wins.

  6. Amileena,Palek,Rachel are the strongest mamasitas on TPF4…Ami is def the strongest player hands down. Rachel shocked me jana cos i thought she would cower under Ami but nope,she held her own. Rachel is also pretty good.Kizungu tu ndio inamletea shida kiasi…Palek,is good.not awesome.Just pretty good. Steve & Davis and chubby boy with Specs(sorry,his name eludes me) are the best boys. In that order. But Davis sure puts mmmpphh!into it…and its not such a shoddy show..makes for a good laugh most the time.so let’s get so cruel about it. lol..but the weakest-est links are gabiro,anneth,gaelle(she pretty.. but thats it)..but thats just me saying 🙂

  7. I agree that it’s somewhat obvious by now that Palek will win TPF4 whether anyone likes it or not. I don’t mean to put her down or anything coz she’s a pretty good singer. Team Amelina all the way!

  8. Amileena is a star, even in the Duet performance Rachael at some point was singing Ami’s voice but Ami pulled out a stunning alto that was blended with some serous sap.

  9. Amileena has a teachable spirit. I believe in finding that which you are good at and thats where your joy and all else lies.

    You never know, Palek who is also talented might be labelled a strategic win for TPF4 but you never know. Talent is talent and it can never be hidden. I am behind you all the way Amileena.

  10. ameliina z rily a megastar nt 4getin palek….ameliina maze weuwe ni wetu..i watch tpf bkz f u as in u gal ua soo talented..! ol in ol da whole crew z jst wandaful..!

  11. Steve u hav a very powerful voice, ur an Entertainer bt wat will bring u down could be d’chemistry with d’ ladies in d’ houz. Anyway man ur Good. AMEELINA my homegal ur Great and i loved yesterdays perfomance with Racheal. U Guys “ROCKED” i lov u, but just so u should know ur biggest Threat are, Davies, Paleki and Racheal. The rest gal u can Step on them 2 sana.. Bt unfortunately i also believe that Paleki will win, and u will be the 1st runner up…. BIG UP GAL. cheers…….

  12. you are a certified idiot. You eat your own words shamelessly and admit your own judgemental, incompetent ass. If you have no opinion, if you have no thought, shut the fuck up! if you do not understand what you are writing about save us the hot air.

    • I missed the part where I forced you to read and/or care….

      I also missed the part where actually listening to what readers said was a bad thing. Open mindedness must not be very welcome up there, on your high horse, must it not?


  14. Thanks for using my tweet in the link.The styling in this show (this coming from completely straight,wardrobe co-ordination is a rumour neanderthal) is shit. Lets not start on the singing.I cant belt a tune even if it would determine whether i live or die by death chamber but i appreciate good music and that just aint it although kuna hopes kwa wengine.

  15. I can bet on Amileena, Rachael n Paleki this gals can sing they have not only the voices but also the talent may the best lady win.

  16. Ameleena deserves the win– gaelle shouldave gone home already i dontknow what she is still doing there- oh well, they need her there to wet a few more male crotches! i also cant wait to listen to her music-

  17. You’re right!They had to bring below the par contestants coz you see,they have to protect Paleki,coz this show is predetermined from the word go,and given that they want Sudan to take it,they had to bring in contestants who are not way too better than their Sudan representative,paleki!believ me this thing is going to Sudan,yet we have Rachel,Ameelina,Davis,and Gaga who are way too better than Paleki.

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  20. After they evicted Recho on Saturday, i was like let tusker give whoever they wanted to give the 5M becoz it was like they were not looking at voices. Amileena has a strong voice and she will no doubt go places and i urge her not to stop from there. And now about Davis being eligible to win, when i look back i think he deserves it. First, he was in TPF3 and was evicted even without going into the academy, and men! he didnt loose hope. Second, he could not get to auditions in Uganda and had to run to Nairobi to the same. What about that? That shows how much Davis was determined and he knew what he wanted.to top all that he is a performer who connects with the audience well, is disciplined, had a spirit to learn and made sure that he did his best. CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER DAVIS!

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