Did Davis Deserve to Win Tusker Project Fame?

It seems most of you were watching TPF4 intently last night as Davis won and wept. And wept and wept and wept.

It’s my understanding that this guy had good reason to cry like that; apparently he tried to get into TPF3 but didn’t even make it into the house, and then persevered his way in battle against the more popular housemates before finally landing on that final stage and dazzling the judges into bestowing the crown(and KES 5million therewith) upon him.

I still think it was an excellently scripted marketing sham to boost Tusker sales outside Kenya, but my opinion has been stated and restated severally.

Either way, massive congratulations to Davis Hillary Ntare for being this year’s Tusker Project Fame winner. His journey was long and he overcame a lot; from being named ‘Hillary’ to being told he wouldn’t make it in TPF3 and not seeming like the favourite in season 4 until the last few weeks.

Good job Kiddo. Now let’s see you become a star.

Update: Anybody able to confirm/refute this?

26 thoughts on “Did Davis Deserve to Win Tusker Project Fame?

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  2. My Amileena!!! She was my winner.. But history shows that the runner ups have more chance of making it in real life.. Either way, I’m happy that the person who won at least had some talent.. Imagine if Gaelle had won!!

  3. Of Course YEAH!!!! Davis you’re my fan form the begining. I like your voice, the confident in you while on the stage, you had manners in the academy, an many more…! Keep it up Davvy! Congrats U deserved to be millionaire!

  4. Aloh! Let’s be sincere here! Davis deserved this. Look at the guy’s versatility. From R&B to lingala to MJ and he wows the crowd all the time. That is no mean feat.Bring all the past winners and Davis will beat them .The voice control he used on MJ song was very good although not as good as his other songs, after all how many have succeded with MJ’s songs.
    Well done Davis

  5. Thank God for the judges intervention, Gaelle winning would have been a total disaster. Shame to the public for keeping her in the house really.

    Amileena in my opinion has the best chance as a musician and performer. She’s quite versatile.

  6. Winners are always under intense pressure to perform. Let’s look at the success of the past winners. Valerie Kimani’s album was ish ish. Some good tracks on it, but it hasn’t quite made an impact. The chic who won TPF2 (what was her name?) and where is she now? Alpha from TPF3 has had a little fame performing here and there, but so far his album’s a flop. As compared to Hemedi (who I’m told went into acting. I dunno how good an actor he is though) and Ngangalito who’s milked his fame for all its worth. As for TPF4, I would gladly spend money to buy Msechu’s or Amileena’s album and attend a live concert. Davis or Steve? I don’t think I would. Bottom line: Msechu & Amileena are going very far with less pressure on them than Davis has.

    • Agreed with both you and Kellie.

      Yeah, Davis can perform tasks, but in an industry where you’re individual creativity + ability dictates your longevity, I don’t see him lasting. He’ll be a good record label pushover though.

      I mean that in a nice way.

  7. Africans never learn, tusker aims at promoting talent besides for all who claim they just decided to give away the money to the needy then why did the other well to do feel bad?

    Davis has a talent and everybody knows that he deserved winning unlike others who needed to be pushed so as to perform.

    If the aim is to promote talent then we should be open minded and get just that.

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  9. Why did the judges intervene to prevent (the apparently inevitable event of) Gaelle taking the mulas??? Just shows how flawed the democratic process still is in Africa, just look at Ivory Coast *SMGDFFH*… Anything subjected to voting around these parts just gets mucked up somehow…

    Anyway, congrats to Davis, lets see some more music from all of them now…

  10. Davis is a hardworking bloke and he managed to connect with the audience most of the time, I don’t know what genre he will want to specialize in cos I find him a jack of all trades musically. However if I was to judge him on his performance of Billy Jean I would have kicked him it never goes well whenever people try his music and especially the big numbers in competitions.
    Rachael was the best singer this year but lacked the personality (or scandalous behaviour) that would have made an impression on the voting public. I can’t complain she was evicted since like most people who thought she should have won I didn’t vote!

  11. His MJ work in the finale was a trainwreck and although it didn’t matter in the end, it was agreeably ill-advised…that is however not to take away from his talent, which I think he has plenty of…

    In a weird way, I’m also glad Msechu didn’t win – he will go far and will have less pressure + no TPF.Winner.Invisibility.Cloak (or is it curse?) above his head to become a megasuccess!

  12. I’d have just loved it if Gaelle had won. The comic relief would have been so gobsmacking cool. And it would have actually proved that ‘one-man-4-million-votes’ actually works in the entertainment industry (BS alert: Have you voted for your favourite nominated artiste for this year’s MAMA awards? The more times you vote the higher your chances of rigging!).

    I think my biggest LOL moment was when K-Denk made it to the academy.(yeah.., I said it!). It was liking pitting Ice Cube against Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart, Nigga What?) LOLZ!!! 😀

  13. The few times I watched the show, Davis came out as a humble bloke and always seemed to enjoy himself. Like Chameleon, Bebe Cool I bet he will be a hit with Ugandans. The fact that he didnt make it to the house for season 3 and came back to win the 4th is quite a feat. I wish him luck in his hustle.

  14. Davis was the man to win this year. Imagine all the way without being put on probation! That Rwandan chick was pathetic. I have never seen a finalist at a musical show with no talent like her.

    My line up would have been Davis as a winner and Racheal as a runners up or either way


  16. oh! davis tried twice,was turned away,travelled all the way to nairobi coz he missed the auditions in his hometown,moved mountains to achieve his dream blaaaaaaah!touching, but i think not enough. i still fail to understand why amileena got fourth place coz the dudette’s got talent. i still hold that msechu should have won,he connected with his audience.

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