“WikiLeaks” – Here To Even Out The Playing Field?

Julian Assange
In the past few weeks, WikiLeaks’ relevance has seemingly grown tenfold. It only promises to get more interesting with the coming weeks.

I’m not 100% savvy on the matter, but here’s a very short summary (feel free to chime in in the comments).

WikiLeaks is a “transparency website” that’s undertaken the responsibility of releasing documents detailing global – but mostly American – cover-ups. They regularly leak small doses of info, but every now and again, they have ‘megaleaks’. It started with The ‘Afghan War Documents Leak‘ and then the ‘Iraq War Documents Leak‘. By this point, all US Intelligence Agencies and Interpol were searching for Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks.

That’s when CableGate began. Basically, these are leaks of US Diplomatic Cables – diplomatic message between an embassy and it’s country – ranging from 1966 to present. There are a few hundred thousand such messages. They basically highlight what US envoys have been saying about us behind our backs, and by God, have they been talking sh**. There’s a decent summary here.

As far as Kenya goes however, not a whole lot of info yet. We know that the old envoy said Kenya was a ‘swamp’ of corruption, which is probably why he got replaced this week. We also know that Kenya has been cited in reference to BlackWater – which is really not a good thing. We also know that there are tons of documents related to Kenya that will leak sooner rather than later. And when they do, changing embassy personnel around may not be enough.

The revolution may not be televised, but it seems to have found a home on the Internet. WL has only released the first few hundred of several hundred thousand documents. Grab a seat and some popcorn; the 9pm news is about to get infinitely more interesting.

UPDATE: Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK on a Swedish arrest warrant. Meanwhile, hackers are knocking down the financial institutions that blackballed him…and they’re bragging about it. PayPal & PostFinance are down, as well as another bank or two here and there. The battle has began.

12 thoughts on ““WikiLeaks” – Here To Even Out The Playing Field?

  1. You do not know how addicted I have become to this @wikileaks! As Jeff says, What a man[Assange], what a week, you can’t make this stuff up! Its smoooooking!

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