The Kenya WikiLeaks Cables Are Finally Here!

The wait is over, people. The Kenyan Cables have finally started leaking. Clearly, arresting Assange has done nothing to slow the pace of the good people at WikiLeaks down.

Click here to view the cables as they trickle in. We’ll be sharing highlights/reactions in the comments.

Update: For the eager among you, currently only 1,193 out of about 251,000 cables have leaked. There is more to come.

27 thoughts on “The Kenya WikiLeaks Cables Are Finally Here!

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    • I’m working on a larger post on InfoWars because it seems that the ‘people in power’ don’t realize that they only hold the title, not the power. Increasingly, a keyboard has proven to have more sway and bang than anything else. Yes, handcuffs can hold a man in jail unjustly, but a Keyboard can expose a country’s dirty laundry and bring down a Swiss bank.

  2. The latest news is that PayPal has caved in and released the funds that were in Julian Assange/WikiLeak’s accounts.

    My opinion is that they must have realised that fighting over 4000 and increasing dedicated attacks to their site was not worth the withholding of funds. Its quite clear that the edifice couldn’t hold for long. Its now only a matter of time before Visa, MasterCard and that Swiss bank also follow through. Its the power of the masses which has upset the apple-cart as far as where the real power resides.

    Its a wake up call for everyone, ignore social media and the internet at your own peril.

    • WikiLeaks; “…given Kenya’s track record on corruption, it is always possible that there is a financial benefit for a senior Kenyan official (or two, or more) in return for facilitating the arms shipments. As such, the question of ‘Who owns the tanks?’ will remain a touchy side issue for Kenya in the piracy of the M/V Faina.”

      Eritrea’s Isayas Aferworki is said to be an ‘unhinged, cruel’ dictator…….!

      In light of these leaks, its important to know that there are about 1821-3600 cables on Kenya. Only two or three have been released so far, meaning we have a long way to go. Am especially interested in the cables covering Moi last term, Kibaki early days and president, 1st referendum, 2007 elections, 2007/2008 violence, the Negotiations thereafter and the signing of the peace accord. Anglo Leasing would also be very informative.

      Its a long wait ahead.

  3. Now Russia has gone ahead an suggested that Assange should be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. This clearly shows that US has itself at a tight corner. This must be looked at from the point that US has always prided itself as the beacon of democracy and leader of free world. But with the wikileaks and the reaction by the US Gvt towards Assange, the world has seen the cruel truth of what US really is and stands for.

    Russia which always goes tangentially opposite US policies has seen another chance to show Uncle Sam that the game has changed and so have the rules of engagement. Its important to note that Switzerland while it has hosted the the Swiss bank has closed the Assange Account. But not for long.

    Am sceptical about Russia’s idea on Assange, but China had better learn something from this wikileaks debacle.

    To the African states, they should be afraid, very afraid. I believe none of the African countries run IT systems like Swiss Bank, PayPal, MasterCard or even Visa Card runs. No African gvt system can withstand such an orchestrated attack on their systems. Its not whether this will happen, its when it will happen.

  4. I would like to believe the US govt wont shot itself in the foot and even think of having this guy sent here for prosecution cos all hell will break loose and those docs are coming out regardless so time to suck up and get thoroughly embarrassed…..i feel like most of the contents in this docs were things most people had speculated on whether at the bar or within the safety of walls somewhere….then again this is the new Cablegate so surprises await….what a way to end the decade..classic.

  5. Here is the US Embassy Cables at a Glance.

    Here is also the hottest of the leaks from the Middle East, specifically, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headed by the Al-Saud family.

    Its important to know that The King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulla bin Abdullaziz Al-Saud, is the Custodian of the Twin Muslims Holy Shrines in Mecca and Madina.

    Its also imperative to recall that Saudi is a very closed society where even the women are not allowed to drive, as per their religion, Islam which is the official religion.

    The leaks gives a very different picture of the party scene and their love of moonshine, high end liquors, sex, women and rock and roll. This is against their religion as well as breaking the laws set by their, listen to this, Morality Police!

    With the influence that the Kingdom wields in the region, this is damning with Caps-lock! Add that to the King’s call on US to ‘cut the snake’s [Iran] head’ soonest and a new crisis begins to gather in the horizon.

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