Ocampo’s List of Six

UPDATE: Santa’s Naughty List is out!

1. Francis Muthaura
2. Uhuru Kenyatta
3. Henry Kosgey
4. William Ruto
5. Joshua Arap Sang
6. Hussein Ali


The only thing I’ve been waiting for more than the Kenya WikiLeaks is Ocampo’s list of government officials to be indicted with regards to the horrific 2007 Post-Election Violence.

This is also the only thing that could prove to be more disappointing than the WikiLeaks. I say this because I expect the list to be a half-baked and overprocessed rollcall of low-ranking officials that will not uproot the deeply rooted corruption in the country: it may not even shake the tree but instead pluck a few withered leaves off the branches.

Or maybe a few big names will be called out and then some long-drawn hearing of 15-25 years will begin. Or they will flee. I mean, did Ocampo ever catch up with Om-Bash-Bash? How is going to catch 6 other genocidal maniacs with unlimited resources?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and Ocampo really has been making maximal use of his and our time and resources in order to orchestrate swift and efficient justice. Maybe tomorrow he’ll announce the names and for the next few weeks, political revolution will happen.

But who would have to be on that list in order to not only make that impact, but to also quell the pain Kenyans still feel over the lives lost and scars gained after that election? Who do you think is on Ocampo’s List of Six?

41 thoughts on “Ocampo’s List of Six

  1. The day of reckoning is finally here! Who would have thought that December-2010 was just an eye-blink away! When the MPigs were given a chance to create a Local tribunal, they snubbed at that chance and started sloganeering, “….don’t be Vague,Go to the Hague…”

    It was their rallying call as they defeated the bill twice in the floor of the house! Some like Ruto,William, went ahead and claimed that ICC prosecutions would take at least 5-yrs to materialise. And when Ocampo said that Dec-2010 would the Month to watch, they laughed him out of town.

    When reality sank in, that Dec-2010 was nearer that they had mis-calculated,for that is what they did, they started running scatter-brained all over crying foul and insulting anyone and everyone in their path. I do not know whether to call this a tragi-comedy or just comedy of errors! Its funny its hilarious is SERIOUS! Its no laughing matter!

    In all this happenings, the Principles maintained silence till a special Cabinet paper was released by the PPS yester-evening! Talk of too little too late! Establishing a Special Tribunal now, when the House can’t even agree on borders is not only pitiable, its laughable too! Short of using an Executive Order which the new constitution curtails heavily, there is not even a snow-ball’s chance in hell for that Tribunal to ever see the light of day! Recall, on Thursday this week, the House will in all intents and purposes adjourn for the X-mas break.

    Sometimes am left to wonder how these morons in Cabinet and Parliament have their brains wired up!

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  3. I chekad soo hard when i saw headlines on Nation ati crisis meeting, ohh so now they want to set up local tribunals wow what a bunch of losers. Om bash bash rules a country with oil and in turmoil. The kenyan ones have neither…they forget Ocampo is just the lawyer and has nothing to do with who is on that list and trying to discredit ICC really is insulting to our intelligence….let the wait end and some justice get served.

  4. Ah, that list is not bad. Frankie is on it, so I’m happy. UK can finally stop walking around smug and content like everything is gravy and Hussein KNEW he was going to be on that list.

  5. as far as ths list goes it shapes the 2012 elections so much with uhuru n ruto dying off the field for raila the road is being paved na political scene here is about to go mwenda with kiuk politics going loco n i see martha karua being a bigger force and the leaderless kalenjins minus ruto making unhealthy coalitions to deny raila the 50+1 majority he will nid for office in 2012 , but then again who will lead em to this cause!!

    ths list will so change siasa in the comming days!!!

    >>> dont mean to be tribal but hey ths will happen im just foreseeing

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  7. Hey Kenyan we thank ocampo for the job he has done although its just a start what we do believe the six people will be able to reveal other people who participate and let us all join together praying for our country to maintain with Peace.

  8. Ali – Acts of ommission for failure to send security where they were needed!

    Muthaura – Command responsibility for being the Chair of the Security Council or such outfit.

    Sang – KassFM journalist used hate speech before and after the elections till the gvt pulled the plug.

    Uhuru – Funded the Mungiki who went amok in Naivasha.

    Ruto – Incitement especially in Eldoret area

    Kosgey – Incitement in his area also.

    The names I find missing are Kinuthia the AP Commandant, that businessman in Rift Valley rumoured to have provided transport with his trucks

    Anyway, the slogan, ‘..don’t be Vague,go to the Hague..” has now come to pass. Press Conferences are being called left,right and centre. All eyes on them!

    • Wow!!woe 2 those not in de list coz de mental torture cannot measure 2 fe I.C.C DE-FACTO.
      Far worst,’ts really a new dawn in de Kenya Political Arena.
      Kudos to Justice n Equity!

      • I applaud Ocampo and his big magic wand of awesome possibilities. Something worries me though: In his applications to the ICC, Ocampo says that Ruto, Kosgey & Sang started planning attacks on PNU supporters in 2006. PNU did not exist until 2007. Can’t the 3 argue that they could not have planned attacks on a non-existent entity? Just asking 😦

  9. At last my guess was a clean ‘A’of 83% or 5/6. Kenyan people now have hope that apart from justice being done, a repeat of what happened will be unheard of

  10. Ocampo has done quite a commendable job to prove kenyans that the law doesnt discriminate,but i think there are many more left unmentioned.these few should serve as an example to others who in future may think of causing incitement to riot.

    • Kwani you wanted Ocampo to be given a crash course on Regional Balancing??
      He’s building a case against Post-Election Violence Perpetrators/Masterminds and NOT appointing Members of a Commission.

      But now that you mention it, I’m sure others may have noticed it too. Or maybe not?

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  12. The reforn agenda is n’t constitutional based it’s rather amateurish and propelled by the hands of foreigners. Can contentment and satisfaction prevail where there is no justice?

  13. The reform agenda has taken a disgusting strategy which gnaws quite a number. Can contentment and satisfaction prevail where there is no justice?

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