Daily Dozen: 16/12 (Ocampo Edition)

ICC Case Files [Mzalendo]
“Ocampo’s List of Six” [Shameless Plug]
Ocampo’s Delusions & Why The West Will Never Understand “Africa” [KenyanEntrepreneur]
Reaction as Ocampo Names Six [Kumekucha]
Video Interview with Joshua Arap Sang (Who he is, What he does) [Ukwelii]
Kenyan suspects of Post Election Violence Named by Ocampo [JamiiyaKenya]
Ruto and Uhuru Tops The Hague’s Gang of Six [CKK]
Ocampo list casts a dark cloud over the economy [BusinessDaily]
Ocampo’s Omissions [Gukira]
Kibaki Calls Crisis Talks Over Hague [DN]
Kenya’s Kibaki says won’t act yet against ICC suspects [Reuters]
The Hague Six Photoshop Picture [FunKenya]

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