Who Will Replace Tevez at Manchester City?

In the past few weeks, we have been treated to entertaining drama coming out of Manchester City, starring none other than current skipper Carols Tevez who’s either beefing with coach Mancini, whinning about home sickness, separation from his wife and daughters and the overall management of the Club.  We were all stunned when we saw him threatening to quit football and to make us believe that his threats were real, he had the guts to hand in a transfer request stating that he wants to leave in January 2011.

The question on many people’s minds is what on earth is up with Tevez and Argentinians generally these days? If they’re not busy trying to have you sent to the Hague, they’re busy threatening to leave lucrative football clubs?!
I mean, Tevez is one of the best paid players in England for goodness sake! All in all, it would be sad to see him leave but we all know that no single player is greater than a Club. If he were to leave City, Mancini would be forced to look around for a suitable replacement and with that in mind here are some players that the Eastland’s billionaires would be looking to fill in the void:

Edin Dzeko – Wolfsburg (Germany)

This kid is one of the best things to ever come out of Bosnia, aged 24 he is highly rated in Germany banging in 9 goals in 16 appearances. His price tag stands at £33.5m with Real Madrid also on the look for a back up striker we are left to wonder if he would prefer the glamour in Madrid or a billboard in Manchester.

Fernando Torres – Liverpool (England)

2010 has not been the best years for the Spanish striker; he has been plagued by injuries, had a poor run at the world cup and to top it up been misperforming 100% in the EPL.  At Liverpool he is now where the player he was when he arrived 3 seasons ago, his poor finishing cost his side easy wins at New castle and Tottenham. Question is would FT prefer a move City to rebuild his confidence?

Didier Drogba – Chelsea (England)

I had never taken Malaria seriously but after seeing what it has done to Drog this season, he has not been at his best this season, and like many others I was shocked to see him on the bench for the Tottenham game. Synonymous with terrorizing defenses in the EPL, he is the kind of player would City need. Now aged 32, Chelsea may want to look replace him soon. Would Chelsea consider strengthening a rival if they ever considered selling him?

Zlatan Ibrahimovich – AC Milan (Italy)

After a horrible spell at Barcelona he has found his goal scoring form again in Milan, with a very impressive CV having spent time at top clubs such as Ajax, Juventus, Inter-Milan and Barcelona, Mancini may be tempted to bring him to England.

Those are the few names that Mancini should be looking at, among others. Any others I may have left out? Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Who Will Replace Tevez at Manchester City?

  1. I kind of now understand why Sir Alex was hesitant to sign Tevez. He is a drama queen. Whether he goes to Spain or Italy you will still hear stories.

    As for his replacement, if the owners of Man City spend cash buying any other striker, I will really be disappointed. Look at their squad! The team is bloated, owners paying huge salaries and what do they get?

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